10 Best Pieces of Career Advice (According to Reddit)

10 Best Pieces of Career Advice (According to Reddit)
After we graduate from high school or college, we're tossed into the workforce to fend for ourselves. Unfortunately, learning the ins and outs of building a worthwhile career can take years, if not decades, to figure out.
But it doesn't have to. For example, one user on a popular career advice forum asked, “What is some career advice that people usually learn too late in life?” Here are the best responses.

1. Value Yourself Over Your Employer

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The top-rated response encouraged workers to always value themselves over the company for which they work.
That means standing up for your rights, leaving toxic work environments, advocating for your lunch break, and more. You are worth more than any job.

2. Leave Jobs More Often to Get Better Raises

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While many people are taught that good workers stay at the same job for many years, some commenters argue that this is company propaganda to prevent people from finding better opportunities elsewhere.
“I should have moved jobs way more in my 20s and 30s. That is how you get 20%+ raises,” said one commenter.

3. Act Confident Even if You Don't Feel Confident

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Confidence is all about faking it until you make it. For example, many users agreed that most people at work are just as clueless as you, but they're good at pretending they're not. So confidence can help you look like you know what you're doing, even if you feel lost.

4. Always Keep Learning

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Users encouraged workers never to stop learning. “The degree you got in your 20s won't carry you through your career,” one person wrote.
Sign up for online courses, read books, or even watch documentaries to continue advancing your education on your own time. Bonus points if you can get work to pay for classes to help you increase your knowledge and improve your job skills.

5. Leave Toxic Workplaces as Fast as You Can

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Workplace bullying and harassment are real. If you are victimized in the workplace, there is no good reason to stick it out.
“It's been years, and I'm still recovering,” shared one worker who had stuck around a toxic work environment for too long. “Honestly, I'm so tired of living in fight or flight mode, and therapy has been expensive and slow.”

6. Use All of Your Vacation Days

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Many companies urge employees to use only some of their vacation days and guilt trip them into working instead. But people agreed this tactic is exploitative and not worth giving in to. So instead, use all of your vacation days!

7. Emotional Intelligence Is Key

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While it's essential to be skilled at the tasks required at your job, developing the soft skills to help you seamlessly interact with your coworkers and bosses is advantageous.
“Having emotional intelligence is equally important as having the technical skills(s) to do the job,” wrote one worker.

8. Your Boss Isn't Your Friend

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Being friendly and open with your manager or boss can feel good, but many users urge workers to keep their distance. When it comes down to it, your boss will fire you to save themself.

9. Failure Is Okay

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It's okay not to know precisely what you want to do for the rest of your life. The important thing is to try new things despite your fears of failure. “Explore and build and fail and build some more,” one explained, “I wish someone had told me this.”

10. Keep an Open Mind

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Stay open to new possibilities in your career. Users argue that it's essential to keep an open mind to the opportunities available and try new things.
Who knows, you could create a fantastic future you never believed possible just by opening your mind to new ideas.
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