19 Cheap Hobbies For Fun Or Money You Can Start  Right Now

19 Cheap Hobbies For Fun Or Money You Can Start  Right Now

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One's productivity, social life, mental and physical health, and even stress levels can be improved when one engages in meaningful hobbies. Hobbies can better your health on all fronts and bring about feelings of contentment and joy.

Cheap Hobbies
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What are Cheap Hobbies?

Cheap hobbies are activities that individuals can engage in, without spending lots of money. They are accessible to people who may not have a lot of disposable income to spend on entertainment. This can be especially important for individuals on a tight budget or saving money for other expenses.

These hobbies can provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment, especially when individuals can learn new skills or develop their creativity. Engaging in personally meaningful activities can help you feel more satisfied and fulfilled.

Here are 19 cheap hobbies you can do anytime.


Books provide some of the most enthralling entertainment in the world. Reading can take you to faraway locations without leaving your house. Reading can also lead to learning new topics such as investing in stocks and finance. Libraries typically provide a large selection of free books, and websites like Project Gutenberg allow you to borrow digital books.

Hiking And Nature Walks

Taking long walks through natural areas keeps you fit and exposes you to some clean air. The fact that many hiking paths and parks are open to the general public at no cost makes for an excellent low-cost hobby. In some parks, national forests, and other types of leisure places, you won't even have to pay anything to go hiking.

On the other hand, several hiking paths call for a day-use permit. Most state and national parks charge visitors an entrance fee. But if you buy an annual pass that grants you admission to many different recreational sites maintained by federal agencies, you can make significant financial savings.

Cooking and Baking

Interestingly, cooking happens to be the most popular hobby in the United States. The cost of baking as a pastime will vary depending on how much you spend. For instance, it might cost you more if you decide to buy upscale baking equipment and pricey supplies. But if you only intend to bake for enjoyment, you don't necessarily need the most up-to-date tools.

You won't need anything more than essential baking supplies, such as measuring cups, whisks, and mixing bowls. To save money on baking supplies, think about buying in bulk. You can derive joy in the kitchen by trying new recipes, making meals from scratch, and sticking to inexpensive ingredients.


Beginning a garden from scratch doesn't have to break the bank because you may start with just a few seeds or cuttings and then progress to more complex gardening practices as your skills improve.

You must be inventive in your gardening methods to reduce your gardening expenses to a minimum. Having a fruit and vegetable-yielding garden may require an initial financial investment, but in the long run, it can result in significant cost savings.


Writing is one of the simplest hobbies that requires nothing more than a pen and paper or a computer to get started. Once you put pen to paper, the only limitations are those of your thoughts and imagination. If you choose to, you can invest some money to improve your craft with many resources available to help you improve.

The good thing is, unlike many hobbies, writing doesn't require a financial investment on your part. There are resources to help you from blogs to free courses. It's also possible to avoid financial outlay when seeking publication through several nontraditional routes. You can even make quick money as a freelance writer if you choose.

Painting and Drawing

You can get cheap painting and drawing supplies from many art supply outlets, and the internet is rife with how-to guides for newcomers. Purchasing necessary equipment and supplies might be expensive when beginning a new activity.

You'll need to buy paints, brushes, and canvases unless you already have any sitting around. You can keep things simple and inexpensive by using only lead pencils or pencil crayons alongside drawing papers.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is a reasonably affordable activity, particularly if the gym you already belong to offers courses. But even with the absence of an existent gym program, you can practice yoga at home with a high-quality yoga mat and comfortable clothing. There is a ton of free or inexpensive yoga information available online.

Knitting or Crocheting

There isn't much more to it than yarn, needles or hooks to start knitting or crocheting. You can purchase yarn in large quantities for a reduced cost. A substantial investment of time is also required. Although it requires patience, this hobby is highly satisfying and calming.

Do splurge too soon. To begin, you do not need the most expensive yarn made from pure merino with hand-carved knitting needles. A YouTube channel like Sheep & Stitch, can take you through methods slowly and clearly.

Playing Board Games

Board games can be a fun way to spend time with friends and family, and there are inexpensive ways to get started with board games. You can find a local board game group and attend their gaming nights. It will only cost you your transportation to get there.

Also, there are online versions of some games you can play for free. There are also thrift stores to pick up some good board games for affordable rates.

Bird Watching

It is possible to go bird watching alone or with friends and family. For starters, you can list all the birds that are familiar to you. You'll be astonished at how well you can recognize various bird species when you go bird watching.

This hobby necessitates a one-time investment in binoculars and maybe a guidebook. You can bird wherever and anywhere you like. It's a hobby you can do in your backyard.


Mobile phone cameras have made taking pictures easier in recent years. If you're interested in photography but don't have a DSLR digital camera, you can get started with your phone's camera.

Several people have found success in phone photography and have amassed an impressive body of work using only their mobile devices.


A thrilling hobby, geocaching is a contemporary version of a treasure hunt. You can install an app and start looking for secret caches nearby. Geocaching is tough but helps you get some decent exercise by getting you moving. It is appropriate for all ages and inexpensive.

There are caches everywhere. Understanding the cardinal directions and being able to locate oneself on a map and navigate to a spot with landmarks are abilities that many individuals lack but can be crucial and lifesaving.


The excitement of fishing comes from waiting for your bait to lure a fish. Remember that you may keep fishing expenses low without always resorting to high-end rods, reels, and other equipment. Start with the minimal essentials.

A cheap spinning rod and spinning reel, some good line, and either some store-bought bait or some worms you dug up yourself. Like almost any hobby, fishing is only as expensive as you make it. Always start simple.

Make YouTube Videos

YouTube accounts are entirely free to create, and anyone can have one. Recording equipment is necessary, but many YouTubers make do with a smartphone. There are also free, entry-level editing software accessible like: Shortcut, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and EaseUS Video Editor.

Several successful YouTubers began creating videos as a hobby. Personal hobbies such as travel, crocheting, stock predictions, and anime videos, among others, have accumulated millions of views on the streaming platform.

Start a Blog

Blogging may already sound cliche, but it is one of the current cheap hobbies that everyone with access to a computer or smartphone can start with little or no money input. Whether you enjoy writing as a means of expression or have a strong passion you want to share with others, blogging can be a terrific activity.

Blogging involves few financial resources and can generate cash in the long run. There free blogging platforms, low-cost hosting, and comprehensive how-to manuals to help you get started. If your blog is successful, your hobby can even make money and become a lucrative side-hustle.


Keeping a daily journal can do wonders for your well-being and progress toward your goals. Thankfully, journalling doesn't break the bank. If you want to keep a visual journal, in addition to a good notebook and pen, you'll need some brush pens or wooden stamps.

Dancing and Singing

If you’re looking for a more active and less boring hobby, try taking dance lessons or learning new dance moves from YouTube videos or online courses. Dancing is a sport that frames a healthy mind and body. Alternatively, practice singing.

You don't need to have a voice like Beyonce or James Brown. Singing allows you to convey your feelings, not just your talent. Apps like Spotify allows you listen to music while singing along with the words displayed on the screen for free.


One skill that is in demand in every profession is coding. The world needs more coders. If you want more ambitious pursuits, and enjoy dealing with computers, then learning to code is a great way to upskill. JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, and many other languages offer free online tutorials.


Doing kind things for elderly or disabled people in your community can become your hobby. You may perform errands such as getting groceries or medication for someone else. It's possible that someone else needs someone to walk their dog. If you enjoy teaching, you could teach less privileged kids; if you enjoy sports, you could coach a community sports team. Volunteering your services as a hobby allows you to rediscover yourself.

Some of these pastimes can mushroom into lucrative opportunities. For instance, if you have a large following, you might earn money through YouTube advertisements. You can sell your crafts on online marketplaces such as eBay or your garden plants. Hence, while hobbies can be enjoyable, they have tremendous potential if pursued seriously.

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Amaka Chukwuma is a freelance content writer with a BA in linguistics. As a result of her insatiable curiosity, she writes in various B2C and B2B niches. Her favorite subject matter, however, is in the financial, health, and technological niches. She has contributed to publications like Buttonwood Tree, FinanceBuzz, and Wealth of Geeks.