3 Ways of Boosting Your Branding Through Video

3 Ways of Boosting Your Branding Through Video

3 Ways of Boosting Your Branding Through Video was written for Playlouder by a contributing author. Please note that contributing opinions are that of the author. They are not always in strict alignment with my own opinions. –Joe.  

Video content is hot in online marketing. Stats suggest over 86% of businesses use video marketing to boost their brand- and consumers are happy to watch it.

Boosting Your Branding

The combination of moving images (humans are very visually orientated), audio, and the ability to offload a ton of facts in very little time without seeming overwhelming makes it an immensely powerful marketing tool. If you aren’t already driving your marketing efforts with the power of video, your brand is falling behind. Here’s just some of the many, many ways you can harness this impactful marketing tool for your own needs.

Make Every Second Count

With attention spans now more limited than ever, brand messaging has to say a lot in a little time. If the first few seconds haven’t captured your audience, they’re clicking away. No matter how gorgeous your marketing, if prospects don’t stay around long enough to become customers, it’s missed the mark. 

This means not just any video will do. You need to be focusing on eye-catching, attention-grabbing, and humanized videos, not merely churning video for the sake of it. That could involve finding a brand face that appeals to your clients and presents a human-focused approach, be it with staff members, advocates, or creating an artificial intelligence ‘brand face’ that will be consistent and reliable. It’s pretty easy to learn how to use AI to upscale video, so don’t be afraid to leverage this ultra-novel approach for yourself.

Once you’re producing good video content, however, what are some ways you can get eyes on your brand through video?

1. The Brand Showcase

When you first start with video content, it’s smart to spend some of it introducing your brand, rather than making product pitches. What do you do? What problems do you solve for customers? 

Video lets you explain complex concepts more easily than any other content type, through both moving image and audio. You can explain fairly in-depth concepts quickly and easily, and with utmost clarity.

You can also use video content to show-off your company culture. Do you focus on sustainable products, use eco-friendly packaging, or work with conservation partners? Are you fair-trade based? Do you put employees first? Do you have an interesting origin story? All these things can be used to up your brand profile, and build customer interest too.

2. The Customer Showcase

Many brands forget that their happy customers can be a fantastic advertising medium for them. Whether you entice a few in front of the camera directly, or use a short/reel-style video to highlight feedback you’ve received, it’s a great way to leverage them as brand advocates.

Modern marketing relies on building a sense of trust with the customer. Something another happy customer, with no financial stake in the business, has to say will carry more weight than hearing an employee say the same thing. It’s called ‘social proof’. 

Additionally, people like to share content that highlights them. So it’s a great way to generate further organic reach, as well as show your customers you’re interested and engaged in building better relationships with them, too. Don’t forget to say thank you to your customers for their support, too (another great way to use video)!

3. The Value-Add Showcase

People aren’t interested in a hard sell about products. They want to know how those products- and your brand- will make their life better. Video is a great way to do that, because you can cram so much information into a short space without it becoming overwhelming. 

Expand your users knowledge of your product through tutorials, explanations, DIY videos, and other helpful, informative content. Not only does this help position your brand as a leader within your niche, it helps create an informed, engaged audience who ‘get something’ from the deal too- useful tips and know-how.

4. The Company Culture Showcase

Video content focusing on company culture can be surprisingly compelling. A recent Oracle survey suggests that companies that connect with their customers, offer personalized and smart feedback, and which align with the consumer’s values, see over 25% more loyalty from their customer base. Additionally, 71% of consumers buy from brands that align with their values, and 57% of customers will buy more from a brand when they feel a connection to it.

For many users, this means humanizing the brand, too. Culture videos, brand values, and behind-the-scenes action can all be extremely powerful to drive this. Chat with employees, or show how your product gets to market. You want the consumer to relate to you- or they may feel that connection with your competitor, instead.

Your Origin story can be a powerful motivator and driver here, too. Tell them how you were founded, and what values you hold to. What keeps you going? Think outside the product-pushing box, and instead focus on the why of why you do what you do.


Video content is one of the hottest, most consumed content types on the market today. If your brand isn’t using it, you’re losing out to your competitors. Whether you opt for short-format videos that match the current ‘reels’ trend, or work on longer-format storytelling to promote your brand values and core ethics, make sure you are reaching your customers and potential customers with what matters most to them, in their format of choice.

Video content marketing is one of the most powerful brand-building tools available today. There’s plenty more you can do with it, too, so don’t be afraid to get creative as well as try these three brand-boosting video ideas.

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