7 Awesome Stock Photo, Image Editing, and Graphics Creation Options

7 Awesome Stock Photo, Image Editing, and Graphics Creation Options

Do you ever look at a marketing poster or banner and wonder how it was made? You'd think it took an entire team of designers, photographers, and editors hours and days to design it.

Well, it isn't always a whole team of trained artists and editors. Even you can design what others will look at with amazement and awe.

It is important to have the proper tools when creating your designs in order to create high-quality images. That's why we have provided a multitude of assets doing slightly different things to ensure you have all the necessary tools to do a flawless job.

If you still don't believe how easy it is to make your own projects come to life, then these image editing and graphics creation platforms will show you that they were indeed designed for us. The people who need professional and stunning displays for our presentations, posters, and everything in between.

Adobe Photoshop

This package is a raster graphics and has all of the advanced tools to satisfy even the hardcore professionals. It is the standard for digital art as a whole.

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular photo editing software tools. It is most widely used by fans throughout the world and also by designers, artists, and illustrators.


Some of the advanced tools for better decision making are:

  • Masking and Selections Tools.
  • Cloning and Retouching capabilities are exceptional.
  • It is incredibly fast downloading large size images. 
  • It has depth map support for HEIF Files and 360 editings.
  • It supports raw files and JPG, PNG, and GIF formats.
  • It enhances the appearance of your image with adjustment levers for non-destructive editing.


Purchasing Adobe Photoshop isn’t a one time deal but requires a subscription. It is perfect for those wanting a temporary monthly subscription. Those forever Photoshoppers love it too because they don’t have to worry about whether or not to buy the newest edition after an update. After all, with the monthly subscriptions comes every new update.


While Adobe Photoshop is an exceptional application for the die-hard fans of photoshop, it can seem daunting to a novice. For example, simple editing is easy to do, but learning and mastering these concepts might be challenging to some. 


Snappa is a quick and easy design software site that meets the requirements of professionals who need images and designs for marketing that are to be posted on social media.

It allows you to collaborate with other professionals for more rapid editing. With Snappa, you can transform your images into sough-after art with unique effects and dimensions.


  • It has a drag and drop feature.
  • Shares content rapidly and directly on social media.
  • Sharp and rapid editing with custom font uploads.
  • Creates stunning designs from thousands of stock photos.


Snappa offers three different plans. The free plan is best for those wanting to simply try it out. The other two plans holding the most benefits go for $10 per month and the last plan for $20 per month. No matter the plan there's something for everyone.


Conversely, Snappa is known to be missing a few advanced editing tools such as pixelating, smoothing, doodle, etc. Because of the lack of doodling tools, it can be challenging to create an image from scratch.

Snappa receives a lot of love from its users because of its ease of use with amazing templates and its drag and drop features. What keeps us coming back is seeing how the completed designs turn out.


Canva is a graphic design platform that makes creating photo designs for banners, brochures, and social media simple and easy to do.

Its simple user interface helps you to design beautiful photo templates and edit graphics without any knowledge. You can add many layers to your photos with the easy to use drag and drop feature. Fonts are readily accessible and easy to add to your photos.


  • Download the mobile app to create designs as you go.
  • Thousands of templates, photos, and icons for visual content.
  • Useful for image cropping, straightening, and has speech bubble maker.
  • It has a massive library of images and can be used online from any computer, uses the cloud for storage.


Canva has a free plan for its users just testing the waters. For those who are looking for more perks and benefits, there is the $9.95 Pro plan or $30.00 Enterprise plan.


While Canva’s user-friendly mobile version is a great asset, it doesn’t quite look the same as the desktop version, so it can be slightly confusing to figure out jumping from one device to the other. With the free plan, you get a lot of benefits, but the paid plans hold many more images, templates, and the ability to resize after creating the design.

This design software is great for everyone, its easy usability allows anyone to create visually appealing graphics for presentations, posters, business cards, and so much more.

Design Wizard

Design Wizard is a graphic design software that provides templates and images ready and available to make it easier and more time-efficient to create endless designs for all purposes.

It has thousands of premade design templates for everything, including social media, Youtube thumbnail art, and Birthday cards.


  • It is a simple photo editor and has marketing templates for Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads and sale posters.
  • It has millions of images, thousands of videos, graphics, and illustrations that are all licensed for commercial use.
  • And you can share content instantly on social media.
  • Makes editing previously designed templates fast and straightforward.


Having a free plan is the way to get started. When you really want to fall in love is when you move up to the Pro and Business plans. These plants benefit a company or agency looking for the ease of great looking designs with the all inclusive access. So you don't have to want more, you can have it all!


Design Wizard does a great job of supplying stunning videos and images for anyone to use and design an outstanding and truly one of a kind design to individuals, or businesses.

Adobe Photoshop Elements

This is a photo editing software used by anyone who wants to edit and create with their photos with the effortless organization and step by step guidance for editing.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is an excellent option for beginners. It has easy to use UI and strong editing capabilities. No professional skills required to generate pro-level photoshop effects with Elements. It is so quick and easy to use.


  • Adobe Photoshop Elements has an “Auto Curate” feature that categorizes the best images in your gallery.
  • It has an “Open Close Eye Feature” to correct a common problem of closed eyes.
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements replaces backgrounds, corrects double exposure, watercolor, and shape overlay.
  • It creates in steps, and the “Guided Edits” feature helps create part-image sketches, memes, and multi-photo texts. 
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements has the capability of covering a lot of editing tasks on its own.


Unlike Adobe Photoshop, where you have to pay for a subscription, Elements only requires a one-time purchase.  You can either purchase Photoshop Elements together with its enthusiast-level video-editing companion, Premiere Elements, for $149.99, or buy it alone for $99.99.


Ultimately, Adobe Photoshop Elements is foolproof for a beginner while also containing all the necessary assets for a pro editor.


Unsplash is a website dedicated to sharing stock photography under the Unsplash License with 110,000 photographers and generates more than 11 billion photo impressions. UPI can upload photos which are then curated by professionals. 


  • Unsplash allows its users to find high-resolution images for free.
  • Provides a wide selection for stock photos for your imaging needs.
  • Its easy navigation makes the search that much more straightforward and efficient.


Unsplash provides its users with hundreds and thousands of images perfect for any project you have going on all completely free! So you don't need to worry about a price tag anymore.


Besides the fact that Unsplash’s library contains 300,000 free high-quality photos, the platform’s keyword search could use some help. Specific niches can sometimes have a different tag popping up in the result because of its specificity. Its users do love the wide variety of images Unsplash provides.


Pixabay is a community of creatives sharing copyright photos and videos under the Pixabay license from which they become the owner of the content for their use.


  • Provides a wide range of professional images without the worry of the copyright for all for free.
  • Its uncomplicated keyword search creates an effortless user experience to find the perfect images for every project.


Pixabay allows its users to utilize their collection of images all for free. It is free to join and free to use any photo!


Pixabay’s large collection of free photos might be the reason as to why their tags are sometimes off. When searching for the word “city” pictures of cats shouldn’t be coming up as a result. Having to filter through unrelated images often takes more time than desired.

They are strict about not flooding the platform with bland photos. This means that they have a high rejection rate resulting in more top-quality images, as a result, their selection might be considered smaller than its competitors.

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