The Best Hosting Companies Right Now!

The Best Hosting Companies Right Now!

This post was written in collaboration with Chris Wagner, Head of Content at HostingPill. With more than 9 years of Industry experience, he regularly writes about hosting, web servers, and WordPress.

There are a countless number of hosting services out there. They don’t all require your attention. Plus, so many pop up annually out of which many are simply reseller hosting companies that buy in bulk and sell cheaply.

When you need something done the best way, mainstream is your answer. But of course, the mainstream has a long list of companies as well. What you need are some concrete options.

Features that matter and price that caters to your needs.

Below are 6 hosting services right now, that are worth your time and money which deliver the utmost performance without any compromises.


You’re not into e-commerce if you’ve never heard of GoDaddy. With offices around the world, a huge community of developers and entrepreneurs, powered over 80 million domains, and award-winning service, GoDaddy is the biggest web hosting conglomerate.

2020 09 11 10 35 01 Domain Names Websites Hosting Online Marketing Tools GoDaddy sm

At this point, we’d be surprised if it doesn’t show up on the best web hosting lists. 

According to W3Tech, GoDaddy powers over 4.2% of all Internet and 5.3% of it uses GoDaddy’s services for domain registration, marketing, website, or email. In internet terms, those single digits are a lot interesting.

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Coming to the real talk, the features that GoDaddy offers are quality and affordable. The Basic plan costs $3.99/mo is more than enough to get your website up and running. Similarly, as you scale up to a plan like the Ultimate plan, you can grow your traffic exponentially.

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GoDaddy employs the latest server technology that ensures quality hosting with 99.9% uptime. If you’re beginning to venture into e-commerce then GoDaddy is a no-brainer but if you’re already a veteran GoDaddy’s services are a must-have.      


AWS or Amazon Web Services is the one option on this list that isn’t very user-friendly. It has daunting documentation, blockchain, analytics, end-user computing, application integration, and a dozen other jargon that’ll convince you about hiring a developer.

2020 09 07 15 36 23 Amazon Web Services AWS Cloud Computing Services sm

According to N2WS, AWS powers users in over 190 countries, including 2,000 government agencies, 17,500 non-profits, and 5,000 education institutions. It is progressively being considered a primary choice for medium-large scale corporations.

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All the fancy words we mentioned before are only the small picture. AWS also strives to be a pioneer in cloud computing and makes advances in aspects like quantum computing, machine learning, blockchain computing, and even game tech.

image 5 1024x382 1

When it comes to pricing, there isn’t a set standard. AWS works on a pay-as-you-go model which means that there isn’t a set standard for the services you can hire. For example, your website experienced a sudden bump due to refilling of stocks. 

With AWS, you can increase your bandwidth range for the short amount of bump that you receive and after your traffic goes back to normal, you can simply revert back to your default features.

To be true, AWS isn’t for everyone but it is gaining some mainstream traction too. For now, AWS is more attuned to developers and mid/high-level corporations. 


Short for WordPress Engine, is the managed WordPress hosting service. It comes up as the fourth most used hosting service by bloggers on our survey article. WPengine caters to 2 crowds:

2020 09 08 14 11 55 WordPress Hosting Perfected. WP Engine sm

  • Marketers – Proper tools for marketers to analyze different strategies to optimize revenue growth
  • Developers – Technical tools for developers for easy operation and robust maintenance

As long as WordPress goes, WPengine partners with AWS and Google Cloud which means top of the mark innovation and super fast bandwidth and storage. Plus, they also have credible customer support for all WordPress tiers.

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Pricing is appropriately named to how your business will evolve. The Startup plan will let you start with a small audience that consists of 25,000/month visits and 50Gb bandwidth/month. 

Then when you scale up, you get the Growth plan and then the Scale plan for a complete experience. And then when you decide to go beyond the 400,000/month visit limit, there is a custom tier for customizing your own limit and features.

So if you have a lot on your plate and managed web hosting is what you’re looking for, WPengine makes a very agreeable case in terms of features and pricing.   

WPX Hosting

When we did our survey of 66 bloggers and asked them which of the best hosting companies they prefer, surprisingly WPX Hosting came up at the top of our list. Astonishingly we had rarely ever heard of WPX Hosting and even from the website, it didn’t strike as riveting as we expect.

2020 09 08 15 01 24 Why to Choose WordPress Hosting from WPX яWPX Hosting sm

But then we decided to do our fair bit of research and came to some revealing conclusions about its performance and features which are put into detail in Hosting Pill's WPX Hosting Review. And to be honest, we have more pros to praise than cons to disapprove.

The CEO of WPX Hosting has been long enough in the industry to be tired of its present standards and take matters in his hand and start his own web hosting company to give customers what they deserve.

image 10

WPX Hosting specifically focuses on WordPress Hosting, which is the best thing about it. Although a lot of other hosting services branch into multiple categories but pay a moderate emphasis on each. 

Whereas, WPX seems a little expensive, but perfects what it sells.

If WPengine solutions make your life easy, WPX Hosting will make it better.    


Why is BlueHost at the top of the best hosting companies list?? Because every other hosting service on this list has been tried and tested a hundred times before and has become an unachievable standard in the industry. But since we’re talking about the best here, the best doesn’t mean only in experience.

Best Hosting Companies blue host

BlueHost has been climbing through the ranks faster than any other competition and has become a breakout success in recent years. It offers exceptional features at affordable rates and outstanding customer support that has been tried and tested in Hosting Pill's BlueHost Review.

image 12

Every BlueHost plan comes packed with commendable features and space for easy scalability. Along with eCommerce services and Shared, Dedicated, WordPress, and VPS hosting, BlueHost has WP Pro, a managed WordPress hosting solution that comes bundled with marketing tools.

BlueHost also houses some of the best in-house WordPress experts that provide 24/7 assistance and develop dynamic solutions to recurring problems.

BlueHost might not be on top of every best web hosting list but it is in ours due to its new-found but consistent reputation among entrepreneurs.

Wait a minute! We have a bonus hosting for you:


Established in 2004, SiteGround packs a closed-group of developers that excel in WordPress hosting. They have servers in Germany, USA, UK, Singapore, Australia, and even Bulgaria. Plus, over 100 global cloudflare CDN locations.

SiteGround likes to stay on the forefront of the newest technology as it is updated like the newest versions of PHP, protocols like OCSP stapling, TLS, HTTP, QUIC, etc. They run custom linux containers with Apache web servers.

Along with WordPress, SiteGround has Shared, WooCommerce, and even Cloud hosting. Everything works on 100% renewable energy so you know that your website is carbon neutral.

The shared hosting plans give you unlimited traffic, unlimited databases, free email, CDN, SSL, and daily backups. Except the StartUp plan, you can get unlimited projects going with GrowBig and GoGeek plans.

SiteGround is probably not as big as many other hosting companies on this list but it stands on its own merits and is a hidden gem worth considering. 

The Best Hosting Companies Wrap-up

What makes one of the best hosting companies mentioned the ‘best’, is what a certain number of users have used to an extent and gained their maximum potential. This could be totally subjective too.

But keep in mind that there are pros and cons to everything. The best thing: all the above services have a money-back guarantee period so there is less-to-no risk involved.  

Finally, do let us know your thoughts on the list. Which one is your favorite? Which one interests you the most? Or an option that we might’ve missed.  

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