Best US Cities for Retirees in 2024: Jupiter, FL

Best US Cities for Retirees in 2024: Jupiter, FL

Spending your golden years enjoying a daily round of golf, exploring endless miles of pristine beaches and sipping morning coffee while watching the sun rise over the Atlantic – sound like wishful thinking? Consider that for more than a thousand Americans, an early retirement in Jupiter, Florida has turned this wish into reality.

It’s no coincidence that over 1,400 searches on retirement destinations in America center on Jupiter each year (Spyfu SEO data, see figure below). 

Google Search Interest in Retirement Related Queries data. Jupiter FL, FL vs Other US Cities.

Indeed, the latest IRS data reveal that a staggering 44,710 taxpayers made the move to Palm Beach County, seat of Jupiter, in one year alone (figure below). Compared to the number who moved away during the same period (roughly 28,800), Jupiter, FL attracted over 1.5x as many as those who left.

IRS Migration Inflow data Jupiter, FL

Obviously, a lot of Americans think that Jupiter, FL is a great place to move to. But does it meet the stringent standards we set at PlayLouder before recommending a retirement destination to our clients?

We decided to find out. From expert analyses to news reports to personal stories shared by people living in Jupiter, we gathered all the info we could find that was relevant to anyone considering retirement in the area.

At the end, we had a pretty good picture of what retired life in Jupiter, FL is likely to look like in 2024. Here’s a crisp summary of the important stuff. 

Main Pros and Cons of Jupiter, FL for Retirees

Rushed for time? No worries, we’ve got your back. Just skim through the ‘pros and cons’ of retiring to Jupiter, FL for now, and come back to dig into the full report later. 


If you’ve long prioritized a scenic outdoors as the backdrop to your retirement, and a healthy, active lifestyle that blends adventure with relaxation, Jupiter, FL should be at the top of your list. The icing on the cake is Jupiter’s vibrant cultural scene, with access to year-round art, music and theater. Finally, the quality healthcare services and highly safe environs ensure that retired life in Jupiter will be as comfortable as it is enjoyable.  


The flip side of retiring to Jupiter, FL is that both renting and buying property can be quite expensive, making it less than ideal for those on a budget. The year-round humidity poses an additional challenge for those used to a cooler, drier climate. Further, the small size of the city limits the culinary, shopping, and nightlife options on offer. Lastly, the lack of a major airport attached to the city might spell some inconvenience if you’re a frequent traveler.  

Cost of Living


Jupiter, FL may be on the pricier side, but the lifestyle dividends fully justify the investment in this luxurious and rather exclusive locale. Here is an overview of what you can expect to spend while living in Jupiter.

Housing and Utilities

From a dizzying, pandemic-induced spiral, property rates in Jupiter, FL have been on the downslide. Depending on whom you ask, the decrease in Jupiter property prices from 2023 to 2024 may be pegged at anywhere from 20% to 60%. Despite this, the area is one of the more expensive for buying and renting property.

Compared to nationwide averages, rentals in Jupiter are anywhere from 20% to 50% more expensive. In particular, houses outside the city center command higher rents (see the stats from Numbeo below).

Real Estate Cost of Living Jupiter, FL

Renting in Jupiter, FL costs quite a bit more than elsewhere. But how about buying a house there? Since the Numbeo data were incomplete, I decided that local realtors would be the best source.

On average, I learned, the price per square foot for a house in Jupiter, FL is $448.75. Compared to the US average of $350.79 within the city, this means that owning a home in Jupiter, FL is likely to cost you about 28% more than in another city.

Going a step further, I collected median price listings from all my realtor sources. These ranged from roughly $544,000 to $849,000. Compared to national median house price estimates (Forbes, 2024: $426,000, US Department of Housing and Urban Development: $495,100), the cost of buying a house in Jupiter, FL can be anywhere from 10% higher to 2x as high.

Investment tips for would-be home owners in Jupiter, FL

The flip side, however, is that the real estate boom in Jupiter, FL, makes buying a house here an excellent property investment at present. For would-be investors, local real estate investment experts provide a few tips for getting the maximum value out of your investment:

  • Evaluate areas with higher elevation preferentially when considering property

Rising sea levels mean that waterfront homes with greater elevation are likely to appreciate more in value over time. Not only this, but you can expect significant savings on property insurance through careful selection of a property on elevated ground. 

  • Negotiate the lowest possible mortgage rate on your home loan

Home loan mortgages in Jupiter, FL currently range from approximately 6.0% to 7.8%. The rate applied to individual borrowers is influenced by a combination of factors, including lender policy, borrower’s credit ranking and repayment period. 

  • Follow the ‘183-day Rule’ to avail of the Florida property tax Homestead Exemption

As in many other states, Florida residents are eligible for a property tax exemption on part of their property’s assessed value, reducing the taxable amount by $50,000. To be considered a Florida resident, you must have completed a minimum 183 days of continuous residence in the state.

  • Determine if you are eligible for the Senior Citizen exemption

Florida allows an additional property tax exemption for senior citizens (over 65 years of age) by discounting the property’s assessed value by a further $25,000. At least one of the individuals whose names appear on the property deed must be over 65 to qualify for this exemption.

  • Avail tax discounts by paying early

Palm Beach County offers discounts of up to 4% on early property tax payments. Lower your annual tax expenditure by ensuring that your CPA gets the paperwork done well in time.  

Utilities Cost of Living Jupiter, FL

Living in Jupiter does allow for savings on month on month expenses; Utilities and internet bills tend to be lower here, although cell phone tariffs are higher (figure above).

Food, Grocery and Apparel

Food Cost of Living Jupiter, FL

Food tends to be costlier in Jupiter. However, dining in definitely works out cheaper than eating out. Expect restaurant checks to be at least 20% more expensive in this city compared to elsewhere.  

Depending on your needs, weekly grocery bills could be slightly higher than in other places, or on par with country averages. Produce is a mixed bag, while dairy is on the higher side: Oeufs en meurette – an omelet cooked in red wine – would make for a delicious, yet economical meal in Jupiter.

Shopping for wardrobe needs in Jupiter, FL will cost you pretty much the same as anywhere else (see figure below), unless of course you plan to splurge on designer fashion.

Clothing Cost of Living Jupiter, FL

Transportation and Fuel

Getting around in Jupiter, FL is not exceptionally expensive, either in your own car or using the county’s public transit system, called Palm Tran. The Jupiter area is served by Route 10. One-way fares as well as weekly passes with unlimited rides are available. Senior citizens are eligible for discounted fares ($0.75 instead of $1.50).

On the other hand, buying a car in Jupiter may burn a hole in your pocket. An entry-level, mid-sized sedan is priced 30% higher in these parts compared to elsewhere (figure below).       

Fuel, Transportation and Automobiles Cost of Living Jupiter, FL

Local Economy and Part-Time Job Opportunities

As per Florida Office of Economic and Demographic Research (OEDR), the state economy is expected to continue its strong growth at a 2.8% rate during the 2023-24 period, outperforming the 1.6% US national average

Palm Beach County, home of Jupiter, FL, contributes fully 8.2% of the state’s annual GDP. And data from the St. Louis Federal Reserve or FRED show that in the 5-year period from 2018 to 2022, Palm Beach County GDP grew at an average annual rate of 7.8%.

Employment Growth Rate in Jupiter, FL

The Palm Beach County Business Development Board (BDB) reports that it is the only Florida county to have received a AAA rating from the country’s top three agencies – Fitch, Moody’s as well as S&P. Expert analysts attribute the recent steep growth to diversification from a solely tourism-centric economy to cross-sectional growth across sectors, including real estate, finance, professional services and retail. 

In step with this diversification, job opportunities in the metropolitan area in and around Jupiter, FL (the West Palm Beach Division) are projected to grow at a healthy 1.4% through 2024-25 (figure above). The main impetus to this growth comes from education and health services, construction as well as government sectors (figure below).

Economic Growth Rate in Jupiter, FL

Confirming this trend, local sources point to major infrastructure projects launching soon or currently underway in the area as drivers of growth and job opportunities:

  • Bridge over Loxahatchee River – $  122 million
  • Indiantown Road expansion – $    18 million
  • Pratt & Whitney NATA (North American Technology Accelerator)– $    20 million
  • Trump National Golf Club office complex – $    15 million

Job Prospects for Retirees

The Wall Street Journal reported in 2023 that, across the country, employers are increasingly opting to hire retirees and senior citizens over younger employees. The major advantages that employers have found retirees and seniors to possess are:

  • Greater reliability – better attendance and consistency than younger employees  
  • More experience – able to leverage existing skills and knowledge 
  • Better at relationships – good at forming rapport with customers and coworkers

Approximately 50% of the Jupiter workforce (Bachelor’s degree – 30%, Graduate degree – 20%) is engaged in careers requiring advanced professional and technical qualifications in fields such as science, law and finance. 

For would-be retirees with similar profiles, employment options include consultancy roles and collaborations with individual professionals as well as research teams, for example, at research outfits such as the Scripps Institute or the Max Planck Institute.

Those without advanced degrees might consider job opportunities in healthcare, hospitality and luxury retail. Administrative support profiles, for example, working as a Personal Assistant, secretary or personal shopper for senior executives or A-listers are also options.

Refer to the figure below for weekly earnings benchmarks in Jupiter, FL.

Weekly Wages by Sector in Jupiter, FL

Healthcare Facilities, Costs, and Quality

Two large hospitals – Jupiter Medical Center and PAM Health Rehabilitation Hospital, as well as one mental health institution (Sandy Pines Hospital) currently serve the healthcare needs of Jupiter, FL. 

Jupiter Medical Center is a 248-bed facility that offers full-spectrum health care, including urgent care, ER, diabetes, stroke and cancer care as well as specialties such as cardiology, orthopedics, pediatrics, pulmonology and urology. This award-winning institution also has cutting-edge imaging facilities and surgical care. 

The PAM Health Rehabilitation Hospital specializes in in-patient care including post-surgical care and skilled nursing services for patients requiring long-term hospitalization. PAM’s services encompass recovery care for wounds and work-related injuries, rehabilitation for brain and spinal cord injuries and supportive care for conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Sandy Pines offers deaddiction and detox programs, mainly for children and adolescents, in addition to behavioral therapy and counseling. 

Other healthcare providers in the area include the MedFlorida Medical Center that offers primary care and telemedicine services and the HCA Florida Institute of Women’s Health and Body that specializes in addressing women’s health needs across the lifespan.

Average Healthcare Cost in Jupiter, FL

With over 7,000 doctors and more than 1,000 veterinarians practicing in the Jupiter–West Palm Beach area, the region has ample facilities to cater to your own healthcare needs as well as those of your loved ones.

Comparing costs, I also found that Jupiter, FL is on par with the rest of the country with respect to basic healthcare for both you and your pet (figure above). Dental care is significantly cheaper in the area, while eye care tends to be more expensive. 

Healthcare and assisted living for seniors

Jupiter, FL has seen a rapid growth in facilities catering to the expanding population of older adults and seniors. These facilities range from retirement communities offering independent living for active seniors to full-time assisted living for those needing nursing and memory care. 

Among the trusted institutions that provide minimal support necessary for independent living are Addington Place of Jupiter, Mangrove Bay and Tequesta Terrace. For assisted living that offers greater support, including memory care, some of the top-rated institutions include Atria Park of St. Joseph’s and Brookdale Tequesta. 

Well-reputed facilities that provide hands-on nursing care as well as hospice facilities include Brookdale Palm Beach Gardens and Courtyard Gardens of Jupiter.

Safety and Accessibility

Crime and safety

As per the FBI’s latest crime statistics, Jupiter, FL recorded 701 property crimes and 83 violent crimes during the entire year. These low numbers prompted me to compare crime and safety stats for Jupiter against those of a few other cities – nine, to be exact – with similar-sized populations (figure below). 

Crime and Safety Comaprison in Jupiter, FL

In the 10-city comparison, only one other city – Ames (Iowa) had a crime rate lower than that of Jupiter, FL  affirming the hunch I got from the FBI UCR numbers, that Jupiter ranks quite high on safety.  

We still wanted to get some on-the-ground insights, so we sought out input from residents as well as visitors on how secure they felt in Jupiter, FL. Without exception, everyone declared it to be a very safe place in their experience, and no one had any personal encounters with crime to report.

Safe vs. unsafe neighborhoods

Seeing how both current and former residents as well as visitors rated Jupiter’s safety very highly, we decided to find out if there were any places or parts of the city that people felt to be unsafe.

But no one had any recommendations on ‘unsafe’ neighborhoods to be avoided in Jupiter. 

Many of our local informants had had some experience in living in nearby towns and cities and commuting to and from Jupiter. In general, neighboring cities such as Juno Beach, Jupiter Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and West Palm Beach were recommended as good alternatives to living within Jupiter. 

At the same time, a few of our sources named Riviera Beach and Lake Worth Beach as potentially crime-prone areas, with one individual suggesting that within the West Palm Beach area, neighborhoods sandwiched between Northlake Boulevard and Okeechobee Boulevard were less than safe.

Accessibility: Getting to Jupiter, FL

By road

  • Orlando, FL: The 155-mile south easterly drive to Jupiter usually takes about 2.5 hours. To begin, head south on I-95 South. After about 115 miles, take exit 87A to merge onto FL-706 East/Indiantown Road toward Jupiter and continue for about 7 miles. Turn right onto US-1 South/North Federal Highway and drive the last 3 miles to reach Jupiter, FL.
  • Tampa, FL: Jupiter lies 195 miles southeast of Tampa, a journey of about 3 hours. Start by driving south on I-75 South. Keep on for about 130 miles, then take exit 191 to merge onto FL-709 East/North River Road. In approximately 3 miles, merge onto I-95 South toward Miami. Continue for about 50 miles, then take exit 87A to merge onto FL-706 East/Indiantown Road toward Jupiter. Drive for roughly 7 miles, then turn right onto US-1 South/North Federal Highway for the 3-mile stretch to Jupiter, FL.
  • Cape Coral/Fort Myers, FL: The 2.5-hour drive east from Cape Coral/Fort Myers to Jupiter spans 145 miles. Set out by heading north on I-75 North. In 60 miles, take exit 123 to merge onto Corkscrew Road/FL-850 East. Continue for about 10 miles, merge onto I-95 South, then stay on I-95 South for approximately 70 miles. Take exit 87A to merge onto FL-706 East/Indiantown Road and continue for about 7 miles. Turn right onto US-1 South/North Federal Highway and drive the final 3 miles into Jupiter, FL.
  • Miami, FL: Jupiter is a 90-mile drive north, a journey that typically takes about 1.5 hours. Start by driving north on I-95 North. After about 85 miles, take exit 87A to merge onto FL-706 East/Indiantown Road toward Jupiter. Continue for roughly 7 miles. Turn right onto US-1 South/North Federal Highway for the last 3-mile stretch into Jupiter, FL.

Getting to Jupiter, FL by bus can be an economical alternative to driving, as Greyhound and FlixBus both operate services to the city. Buses ply from multiple nearby cities such as West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Orlando, Miami and Jacksonville, as well as major cities further away (Houston, New Orleans, Montgomery, Atlanta, Nashville, Richmond, Philadelphia, Washington, New York and others). 

By rail

The train depot in Jupiter, FL is a charming, heritage structure dating back to 1916, when it formed part of the Florida East Coast or FEC railway set up by pioneer Henry Flagler. At present, Jupiter is connected to nearby cities such as Tampa and Orlando by daily AMTRAK services. In addition, the Brightline Tri-rail, a high-speed passenger train service connects multiple cities in Florida, with the closest station to Jupiter being Mangonia Park, roughly 14.5 miles away.     

By air

The nearest airport to Jupiter, FL is the West Palm Beach International airport (PBI), roughly a 20-minute drive away (19.6 miles). Other options include flying to Fort Lauderdale (FLL) followed by an  hour-long drive to Jupiter, or flying into Miami (MIA), a 90-minute drive away. Although flights into Miami tend to be cheaper, frequent travelers recommend avoiding MIA, owing to the long lines at check-in and security. 


Nestled along Florida's picturesque Atlantic coast, Jupiter enjoys a tropical rainforest climate year-round. 

The summer sunshine is offset by breezes ideal for beachside relaxation. There’s always plenty to do—you could enjoy surfing the waves, snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters, or simply soaking up the sun on the sandy shores. 

Autumn’s pleasant temperatures are equally perfect for exploring the lush parks and nature reserves or spending a relaxed, leisurely evening at the vibrant waterfront restaurants. 

Jupiter boasts delightfully mild winters that provide the perfect backdrop for outdoor activities like golfing, hiking, or visiting the iconic Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse. 

Springtime brings a burst of color and balmy weather. For those who love being out on the water, this is the best time for boating and fishing. If you prefer terra firma, spring is perfect for strolling through one of the many beautiful botanical gardens in the area, be it nearby Riverbend Park, the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary or Mounts Botanical Garden in nearby West Palm Beach.

Annual Temperature Range in Jupiter, FL

Weather and water preparedness

Like much of Florida, Jupiter falls within the hurricane zone, making it essential to remain alert during the rainy season from June to November. Staying updated on local weather forecasts and following safety advisories is crucial. 

Hurricane preparedness basics include securing loose objects (patio furniture, trash cans and so on) to prevent them from becoming hazardous projectiles in high winds, as well as having an emergency kit ready, including drinking water, non-perishable food, essential medications, a first aid kit, flashlight, and batteries.

Additionally, the landmark Jupiter Inlet may experience significant storm surges during hurricanes. Coastal residents should be particularly aware of evacuation routes and have a plan in place for moving to higher ground if necessary.

Finally, being mindful and alert to the possibility of wildlife encounters is ideal while exploring the Florida outdoors. From giant lizards and iguanas to alligators and marine creatures such as sea turtles and manatees, maintaining a respectful distance from all wildlife is advisable.

Environment quality

Through most of the year, the quality of the environment in and around the city of Jupiter meets EPA standards (figures below). Monthly AQI averages lower than 40 and monthly particulate matter counts average below the 12 μg/m³  EPA cutoff. 

Since 2018, Jupiter and its surroundings have had zero days in a year flagged as either high particle pollution or high ozone days.

Air Quality Index in Jupiter, FL
Particulate Matter Index in Jupiter' FL

This stretch of southern coastal Florida is renowned for its wild, natural beauty. The flip side, of course, is that the abundance of greenery means an abundance of pollen (and allergies). 

The area in and around Jupiter, FL abounds in oaks, cypress and pine, so early to mid-spring (January to March) can be problematic for those susceptible to tree pollen. Owing to the numerous golf courses dotting the area, individuals with grass pollen allergies may likewise find summer and fall challenging. 

Education and Learning

The educational facilities of Jupiter, FL provide a wide range of learning opportunities for people of all ages. From little tots starting their educational journey in kindergarten to older adults seeking to add new dimensions to their lives, Jupiter caters to the diverse learning needs of its residents through their lifespan.

Traditional Academics

Jupiter’s centerpiece of higher education is Florida Atlantic University (FAU), whose John D. MacArthur campus is situated barely 4.5 miles from the city center. FAU’s thrust areas include Bachelor’s and graduate degrees in data science, AI and cultural studies. In-state tuition in 2024 is approximately $5,816 ($203.29/ credit hour or

For those seeking associate degrees and workplace-oriented certification programs, the top choice is Palm Beach State College (PBSC) located in nearby Palm Beach Gardens. PBSC offers over 180 programs, with the average tuition cost for 2024 estimated at $3,050.   

For well-funded individuals, attending Nova Southeastern University’s (NSU) regional campus in Palm Beach Gardens is an alternative to FAU. As a private research university, annual tuition at NSU comes to approximately $26K.

Continued Learning

FAU’s OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) is dedicated to promoting education and growth among older adults, offering literally hundreds of courses in the course of a year. Course topics are diverse, from Tai Chi to art appreciation to tech skills for seniors to American Civil War history. For an annual membership fee of $60, students can avail fee discounts, with course fees ranging from $10 to $195. 

PBSC likewise has a Corporate and Continuing Education (CCE) initiative aimed at encouraging personal and skill development among working adults. Courses span a wide variety of topics, from cosmetology to waste-water management. 

NSU also offers continuing education courses in healthcare and allied fields, education and psychology. Domains covered within healthcare include disaster and emergency preparedness, dental medicine, optometry, osteopathic medicine, pharmacy and speech-language and communication disorders.

School Education

As per NCES data, there are 11 public and 5 private schools in and around the city of Jupiter, FL. Of the public schools, six offer pre-KG, four include elementary grades and one is an intermediate (grades 3 to 5) school. In addition, there are two middle schools and two high schools.

Top-rated schools in the area include Jupiter Farms Elementary School (grades PK‒5), Beacon Cove Intermediate School (3‒5), Independence Middle School (6‒8) and Jupiter High School (9‒12).

Demographics and Social Profile

A US Census Bureau estimate from mid-2023 puts the population of Jupiter, FL at 61,291. The age demographic of the city has an even spread: Roughly 14,280 (23%) of the population consists of older adults aged 65 or higher, while approximately 13,970 (22%) are aged 18 or lower.

The genders are likewise evenly balanced, with roughly 31,070 (50%) being female. 

The majority ethnicity in the city (figure above) is made up of Whites/ Caucasians (83%). People of Hispanic origin make up the next biggest group (16%). Small communities of African-Americans (1.3%) and Asians (1.7%) are also present. Individuals of Native American or Alaskan ethnicity make up less than 1%. Jupiter also hosts a large foreign-born population, at nearly 15% (approximately 9,130). 

The whole of Palm Beach County in south Florida runs counter to the state trend, and is known to be liberal-leaning. In the last election, Jupiter, FL returned a majority Democrat vote (56%) while only 43% voted Republican (and less than 1% voted for an independent candidate).

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