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The Secret Plan You Need to Achieve Financial Independence and Your Dream Retirement

This is the plan my clients pay me top dollar to create for them.

I want to share with you the one crucial plan you need to put in place to achieve financial independence but most likely haven’t. 

While many people dream about retiring on a tropical island with a mai tai in their hand, few people ever get there. This plan is the missing piece in most people’s financial independence success. I call it: The Financial Independence Roadmap.

I’m Joe DiSanto, and I spent 20 years in Los Angeles building a multi-million dollar post-production company where I produced critically-acclaimed films and an Emmy-winning TV show, invested millions of dollars in real estate, and acted as executive producer and CFO.  

By age 43, I was semi-retired by the beach. So, I’ve experienced firsthand how our priorities change as we get older.

My wife, Kristin, and I utilized my Financial Independence Roadmap throughout our 20s and 30s. We frequently discussed our plan and adjusted it as our life and goals changed. 

Our plan for our 40s was to spend less time working, and more time with our son while he was young. 

Consequently, we were able to semi-retire at the ages of 38 and 43. 

By “semi-retire” I mean that we had enough saved, and it produced enough passive income, that we only have to work part-time to cover our expenses. Kristin is now a full-time mom and part-time blogger, and I’m a fractional CFO and small business consultant. 

Due to strategic planning, we were able to leave our stressful big-city careers behind and redefine our dream life. 

Your dream may not be early retirement. But whatever your goals, we can put a plan in place to accomplish them, so you can live your happiest life.

It wasn’t luck that helped me get my dream life. It was adhering to a strategic plan.

Today I’m sharing with you the #1 reason I have seen hard-working and intelligent people FAIL to retire when and where they want.

It all comes down to the roadmap!

Why create a roadmap?

We all share the same destination on our financial journey…a mystical, far-off place called “Retirement.” Or often now referred to as “Financial Independence!” 

Thinking about retirement in this far-off way is common. But it's also a mistake. 

I want to help you demystify retirement, and think about it more practically. 

In reality, retirement could look very different for you, depending on how well, or poorly, you plan. 

So here’s the thing…notice how I called retirement “a destination”? 

Now, have you ever gone on a long road trip, with a particular destination in mind, without using a map? No. You haven't!

Achieving financial independence (aka retirement) works the same way. 

So what we need to do, if we ever plan on retiring, is to first envision our dream destination. Then, we take the appropriate steps to make sure we stay on course and eventually get ourselves there! 

Unfortunately, so many people are on the very long, winding road trip to their retirement destination, and have never even opened up a map!

This is why smart and successful people can fail to reach their financial independence goals.

Can you relate?

All of these fears and concerns are valid. As someone who went from 60K in debt to semi-retired in their early 40s, I experienced them too.

But, there’s good news. The path to financial independence is not something you have to go down alone. 

And while I've spent tons of hours working out the steps for myself, it's not something that you need to waste time doing.

You just need an actionable plan to help you make the right steps toward your perfect retirement. 

That’s why I created The Financial Independence Roadmap Course

In this course, we are going to (metaphorically) open up a map, and then we’ll “highlight” your individualized path to retirement.

Instead of just thinking about “someday when you retire,” we’ll write down your crystal clear goals, and make an action plan to get you to your dream destination.

This course provides you with the six tried-and-true steps necessary to reach your financial promised land:

I will walk you through each of these steps, including how to use my Retirement Planning Calculator. I make it as easy and manageable as possible for you to accomplish each step along the way.

I know, it's “a lot”!

I fully realize that part of the reason people don't create a roadmap is because 

1) it takes some work, and 

2) doing it will very often fully expose the harsh reality that this road trip isn't going to always be “a hoot.” 

It may reveal the ugly truth that your financial decision-making to date literally has you driving in the opposite direction of your destination. That’s a tough one to accept. 

I hope that’s not the case for you, but wouldn’t you rather know NOW than 5 years before retirement? Life is long and there’s a lot of time to make adjustments and catch up for some less productive years in your life.

Only until you look at the map will you know if you are on a decent path. 

You may actually find out that you’re doing just fine! But you have to know. 

If you commit just a little weekend time to this course and do these 6 steps, I promise it will change your whole financial future.

Please don't put this off any longer. 

I know you work hard for your money, but simply working hard won't get you to financial freedom. 

Planning smart will get you there.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this course:

So how do I know this works?

Here are a couple success stories from my clients...

"This course completely changed my perspective on my finances. I thought I was pretty diligent about how I managed my money, but Joe’s course opened my eyes to so much more that I could be doing. I love how he breaks everything down into manageable steps. I was able to follow through with a retirement plan that I actually feel excited about! I want to retire early, and now I’m much more knowledgeable and savvy about how I can make that happen. If you’re on the fence about whether to take this course, just do it! Everything I learned will ultimately make me thousands of times more than the small amount I spent to buy the course."
- Dillon C.
"Before I started The Financial Independence Roadmap course, I was kinda lost regarding retirement. I didn't have a plan, and it stressed me out. Now I am totally confident about where I want to go and how I will get there. Even better, I feel like I have more drive to accomplish my goals. It also ended up being really easy to create a budget that I could stick to. I’ve already made some adjustments to my spending, and I can see how it reduces the number of years to financial independence!"
margs sm
- Margaret W.
"Joe's Financial Independence Roadmap course helped me understand why I wasn’t on the best path to achieving my goals. I have always wanted to own a house, but it was difficult to pull off in a city like Los Angeles. The course helped me prepare for that and also helped me see how owning my home fits into my long-term plans."
geoff sm
- Geoff S.

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