10 Of The Dumbest Purchases People Regretted Immediately (But Were Also Kinda Funny:)

10 Of The Dumbest Purchases People Regretted Immediately (But Were Also Kinda Funny:)

What are the dumbest purchases you have ever made? Well, I have made my share of idiotic investments. For example, I accepted a “free tablet” from my cell phone carrier that cost me a contracted line of service for 24 months (two years).

The tablet was an off-brand 8GB that costs less than $100. The line of service costs me $10 a month. So $240 for a cheap piece of trash that stopped working after a few months. Pretty dumb, and after working for a cell phone company, that's the name of that game. So don't be stupid like me. Nothing is “free.”

Cat Food (But They Didn't Have A Cat)!

Dumbest Purchases
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Ok. This one made me laugh out loud. A man shared that as a child, he was sent to the store to purchase milk for his mom. The tin cat food was – buy one get one free.

So he felt compelled to take advantage of the sake. The problem? He didn't have a cat! However, the cutest revelation to the story was when he shared, “I still have them. My mum kept them and gave them to me as one of my 18th birthday presents.”

Laptop (A Really Cheap One)

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Speaking of cheap electronics, one user regrets their purchase of a cheap laptop ($240.62). He explains that it was clunky, did not adequately run Windows, and his phone was superior for every task. Finally, he confesses, “It was a brick within a year.”

SodaStream (Dashed Our Dreams)

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“A SodaStream. I grew up in the 80s, and some of my better-off friends had soda streams.” This user continues that their mums would open the fridge to the beautiful individual stream bottles and ask what flavor “you fancied.”

You'd select a syrup, “Then hey presto, a little bottle of bubbly juice. It felt so decadent, so posh.” However, the user was disappointed when they finally obtained their own a few years ago.

The bottles are no longer glass or individual size. So they “cried” before throwing it away after four rounds of disappointing attempts, along with their “childhood dreams.”

Hobbies (You Never Do)

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Have you ever purchased something with the plans to get into it but never followed through? You're not alone.

Somebody told the thread that they have a terrible habit of “instantly deciding a hobby” before wasting money on something they never touch again—for example, a rowing machine, a push bike, and knitting equipment.

Beanie Babies (Like Thousands of Dollars Worth)

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Are you old enough to remember the Beanie Babies explosion in the 90s that caused a ton of collectors to obsess and spend money? I am.

People spent hundreds to thousands of dollars on these little bean bags with faces that are worthless now. I can't help but think of these toys every time my husband decides he wants another “collectible” Funko Pop!

Watch (A Really Huge Watch)

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Haha, I choked on my soda reading this guy's punchline. He admits he “wanted to add some quirky originality to my appearance.” So he decided on a watch that he spotted online. He described it as having a beautiful dark blue dial with tasteful gold numbers.

However, when it arrived, “the thing was the size of a tea plate.” Furthermore, he confesses with a slight exaggeration that it appeared as if someone glued a wall clock to a belt. Finally, he jokes, “So if Flava Flav wants to make a comeback, then hit me up. I've got just the clock for you.”

Takeout (Right After You Buy Groceries)

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Here is an answer many of us can relate to, takeaways, or in America, take-out food. However, that's not the stupidest part of the purchase. It's the buying it immediately after grocery shopping that makes this dumb. Guilty.

Bling Bling (For Somes Else No Less)

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The bling is dumb, but the loan to pay for it was idiotic. This user explains that as a “21-year-old on a pittance of a wage,” he wanted to impress a girl. He believed that dropping the $421.30 he took out in a loan on a necklace and earrings for a girl would cause her to fall in love with him. “It didn't work.”

Cardboard Cutout (Of Stone Cold Steve Autin?)

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Welp, this one may take the cake. Have you ever been so wasted at a house party that you ordered a life-size cardboard cut-out of Stone Cold Steve Austin? The worst part? They don't remember buying it.

Egyptian Sphinx (For The Right, Oops Wrong, Price)

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Finally, someone confesses that she went on a holiday when she was thirteen. A small statue of the Sphinx caught her eye, and she asked the shopowner how much. He replied 250 Egyptian pounds. So she refused because it was too much.

However, he offered it for €30, which at the time was about the same as the 250 Egyptian pounds ($32.04). So she delightfully accepted and purchased the Sphinx for what she initially rejected because she thought she was receiving a deal.

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