10 Best Expensive Things to Buy that Could Save You Money, Time, and Improve Your Life

10 Best Expensive Things to Buy that Could Save You Money, Time, and Improve Your Life

Are you searching for ways to improve your life, save time, or save money? Investing in expensive items can be a colossal waste. However, sometimes it is an intelligent decision that ultimately saves you cash.

Recently, in an online discussion, people shared some expensive things to buy that could significantly enhance your life and even save you money in the long run.

Vacuum Sealer

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An avid hunter shared that they initially didn't expect to use a vacuum sealer as much as they do now. They previously thought that Ziplock bags were sufficient for storing hunted meat, but they soon realized that the vacuum sealer was a game-changer. The tool has significantly improved meat quality and longevity, saving them time and money in the long run.

Good Shoes

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According to one user, good shoes are essential to improve one's life significantly. They emphasized that investing in high-quality shoes is particularly important for those experiencing pain in various body parts, from the foot up to the neck.

Several people shared that anything between you and the ground (shoes, mattress, and tires) is worth the extra investment.


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One noted that spending a few hundred dollars on building an e-bike proved a wise investment for them, saving tens of thousands of dollars in not buying a second car.

The user explained that the e-bike allowed them to commute to work and run errands without relying on a car, significantly reducing transportation costs.


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By acquiring a walker endowed with wheels and a comfortable seat, one user joyfully disclosed how it enabled them to elevate their standard of living. They revealed that they had been struggling with chronic bursitis in both hips, which made it difficult for them to go out and do things like grocery shopping.

Despite initially feeling embarrassed about needing assistance, the user ultimately decided to invest in the walker and found that it significantly improved their mobility and ability to participate in daily activities.

Bread Maker

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Do you enjoy the smell of fresh bread? Someone in the thread shared that investing in a bread maker for $80 has been a game-changer for their household.

They are no longer required to shape the dough into loaves and can enjoy fresh bread or pizza whenever desired. In addition, the bread loaves are inexpensive and taste better than store-bought ones. Plus, they make your home smell wonderful—a wonderful gift for your spouse perhaps.

Rice Cooker

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A rice cooker was one of the most valuable and expensive things to buy among many people's treasured possessions. Despite not being the most expensive item on the list, they use it frequently and appreciate the consistently perfect rice it produces.

Several note that while it may not be an essential kitchen appliance for everyone, it saves them time and hassle in the kitchen.

Snow Boots

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Again, protect your feet! Someone shared their experience with their expensive Merrell snow boots, which they purchased for around $300 four years ago.

They planned on wearing them for at least seven years and have found them to be a necessary and valuable investment for living in Saskatchewan, where winters can be harsh. The user noted that they have a long driveway to shovel and require proper footwear due to their narrow heel and larger foot size.

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Solar Panels

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Recounting their most prudent investment decision in the long run, an individual disclosed the installation of solar panels on their abode. They got a 20-year lease for around $10,000 a decade ago and calculated that they would break even around years 8-8.5.

Living in LA allows a “climate credit” from So Cal Edison 1-2x a year, and they pay less than $10 a month with the credit. Last year Tesla even sent them a credit of about $60.

Air Fryer

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The air fryer has revolutionized cooking in many homes. It's not the most expensive item on the list, but a good one has a decent price tag and has become a daily staple in many households. However, several admitted to feeling like they're cheating with its easy use.

Bed Jet

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Finally, one said the Bed Jet, which they bought as a refurbished item, has been a life-changing investment for over two years. It helps them regulate their temperature in bed, keeping their electric/gas bill low and allowing them to cool off during night sweats or get warm on cold nights.

And that's the end of our list of the 10 expensive things to buy that are worth every penny. This thread inspired this post.