The Rental Income Podcast

The Rental Income Podcast

Can You Really Make Money With Turnkey Rentals? With Joe DiSanto was hosted by Dan Lane. Dan created his website and the Rental Income Podcast to help people learn how to generate passive income and build long-term wealth through rental properties.

On each episode, we talk to a landlord about how they found and purchased their rental properties, how they financed them, and issues they face with property management, and managing tenants.

Joe has invested in both local rentals, that he self-manages, and out of state turnkey rentals. The turnkey rentals were fully rehabbed, had a tenant in place, and property management was provided by the turnkey company.

On this episode, Joe shares his experience with buying turnkey rentals and shares how they have actually performed for him.

He also shares the minimum price to rent ratio an investor needs to be profitable with turnkey and the number for a self-managed property.

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