7 Exciting Traveling Jobs (And What They Pay) 

7 Exciting Traveling Jobs (And What They Pay) 

7 Exciting Traveling Jobs (And What They Pay) was written Playlouder by a Cristina Par. Please note that contributing opinions are that of the author. They are not always in strict alignment with our own opinions.

Do you live for vacations and dream about a traveling related job? Are you thrilled by the prospect of exploring new places while getting paid to do it? 

Traveling Jobs
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Here, we spotlight seven top-notch positions for those bitten by the travel bug. Jobs that offer more than just a handsome paycheck, but an opportunity to embrace novel adventures and cultures, and talk about travel every single day.

Top Careers That Involve Travel

Tour Guide

Annual Salary: Up to 60k

Beautiful landscapes, historic landmarks, and unique cultures often define our travel experiences. Now consider that your daily job!

As a tour guide, you'll introduce travelers to the wonders of different locations. You also get to be on the move, regularly exploring new places while learning their intricate history and significance.

If you are a friendly and social person who can speak multiple languages, this could be a great fit for you.

A noteworthy bonus is the significant earning potential for guides who specialize in high-demand destinations or niches. Imagine leading photo tours in Alaska or wine tours in Bordeaux! According to Job Monkey, you could earn $50-$150 per day in these areas.

Check out this International Living article if you’re interested in some insider tips for aspiring tour guides.

Travel Blogger

Annual Salary: 12k – 122k+

Writing while traveling sounds tres romantique, non?  But can you really make money on the road? 

Storytelling reshapes ordinary journeys into extraordinary adventures. With travel blogging, you can document all those brilliant sunsets, thrilling hikes, or culinary surprises for others to enjoy. 

A job this enjoyable equates to a low income, though, right? Not quite! Successful bloggers can earn appreciably through various sources such as sponsored content, advertisements, and affiliate marketing.

The broader the audience you engage, the higher your monetary returns. It’s estimated that only a modest few can make upwards of $100,000. For most, it’s a slog to generate income initially. Therefore, many bloggers give up after a few months. But, if you’re passionate, consistent, and willing to stay in it for the long haul, you might have what it takes to be successful.

Travel bloggers with a penchant for posting beautiful photos on Instagram can make anywhere between $250-$15,000 per post! Of course, this all depends on their follower count and engagement metrics. You can expect to need 1 million followers or more to rake in the top salary.

Cruise Ship Worker

Annual Salary: Wide Range

If your perfect vacation involves miles of turquoise blue water, making new friends, and ever-changing scenery, working on a cruise ship could be your dream gig. Imagine making a living seeing the world while also receiving the bonus of free meals and accommodations!

The chance to visit far and away lands, while living and working in the distinct universe of a cruise ship can be surprisingly remunerative. Cruise ship job positions range from entertainment directors, chefs, and bartenders to engineers, meaning there's likely a role that fits your skills.

This career path provides room and board alongside competitive salaries, not to mention destination stopovers in exotic locales worldwide. By choosing to work on a cruise ship, you could explore untouched islands or bustling port cities every week.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for pilots, captains, and mates of water vessels is $104,190 per year. Check out this article to peruse 53 different cruise ship traveling jobs and their corresponding salaries.

Commercial Airline Pilot

Annual Salary: 56k – 700K+

Becoming a commercial airline pilot may seem daunting, considering the extensive training required. However, it rewards you with glamorous trips around the globe and handsome paychecks.

As pilots schedule their time off strategically, they enjoy long layovers in different cities worldwide. This opportunity lets them tour cities they would possibly never visit otherwise.

In essence, this career combines intellectual rigor with ceaseless exploration, perfect for those who love airborne adventures.

In 2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the median U.S. pilot salary at $211,790. Therefore, 50% of pilots earned more than this, and 50% earned less. These salaries are calculated for pilots who spend around 1,000 hours in the air per year. But you could bring in up to $700,000 depending on your education, location, experience, and hours spent in the air.

In addition, some companies offer remote worker benefits, such as free hotel stays.

Travel Nurse 

Annual Salary: 80k to 180k+

Being a travel nurse is a unique way to practice nursing and see the world simultaneously… The healthcare field is vast and in demand globally, giving you the chance to work almost anywhere in the world. 

As a travel nurse or healthcare professional, you have short-term placements (typically 13 to 26 weeks) in various locations. The more recent nursing shortages have increased possibilities for nurses to choose from more diverse locations and lengths of commitment. 

Imagine delivering essential care to communities while exploring new places and experiencing diverse cultures. This profession offers top-tier salaries and sometimes covers travel expenses, housing, and licenses for practicing in different regions. This is particularly true if the nurse has certifications in particularly high-demand specialties.

Globetrotting coupled with the inherent reward of helping others makes this career a fulfilling choice. Additionally, while the median pay for nurses is around $1,500 per week, travel nurses can expect to make anywhere from 150-287% more per week! Further monetary bonuses as a travel nurse could include a stipend to cover housing arrangements, as well as transportation or other expenses.

Disney Travel Agent 

Annual Salary: 25k – 60k+

Maybe you aren’t interested in traveling the world, but you constantly daydream about your next Disney trip. Why not consider it as a full-time job? 

As a Disney travel agent, you plan and book unforgettable vacations for families to Disneyland and other Disney properties.

According to a piece recently published on Park Savers, it’s also fairly easy to kickstart your career as a Disney travel agent with the help of a reputed agency.

You'll learn the ins and outs of all things Disney as you strive to ensure clients have an unforgettable experience. What’s more, you also get to enjoy flexible schedules and can work from virtually anywhere once you become a certified agent.

While this isn’t the most enormous earning job on the list, possibly the biggest bonus for Disney travel agents is free tickets and discounted travel at Disney and Universal properties!

Do note that this job requires solid planning skills to handle intricate details, but if you're an organized person who loves spreading joy, it could be the perfect fit.

Learn more about additional travel agent jobs here.

Freelance Travel Photographer 

Annual Salary: 11k – 100k+

Photography is about freezing moments, especially those experienced in awe-inspiring places across the globe. As a freelance travel photographer, your job involves capturing and selling these images to magazines, agencies, or individuals. It's satisfying both aesthetically and financially.

This career gives you the unique opportunity to explore and document the world's stunning beauty through your own lens. Imagine getting paid for embracing and sharing your passion, talent, and free time hobby as an avid traveler.

Because there are no actual set rates, your income-earning potential is untapped. The more talent you possess, the more clients are willing to pay for your work.

Some of the various income streams you could rely on are published work, commercial campaigns, social media content, destination wedding or resort photography, creating image libraries, or selling your prints of enchanting locations.

According to ZipRecruiter in 2023, around 30% of freelance travel photographers made between $115,000-%106,000 per year. The average salary is approximately 68K, or $33 per hour. Not bad when you’re doing what you truly love.

In Conclusion

These travel-focused careers are a testament to the fact that job satisfaction and exploring the world can go hand in hand. If your passport is just as important to you as your paycheck, then embarking on one of these professional journeys might just be your calling.

While there are many more out there, each of these options offers not only a livelihood but also an ever-changing backdrop of destinations worldwide. They help keep your income as mobile as your lifestyle!