Wealth Matters Podcast

Wealth Matters Podcast

Turn Your Home Into a Market-Beating Investment Vehicle with Joe DiSanto was hosted by Alpesh Parmar. Alpesh is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, business owner, author, mentor, and podcast host who is passionate about wealth, life, and health. He is the host of the real asset investing Podcast – “Wealth Matters”.


After a successful 19-year run in L.A., the couple decided to slow down and invest in their new family. They cashed out of the business and bought into small-town life on the Florida coast. Having semi-retired at age 43, Joe’s efforts are now focused on his educational blog Play Louder, where he shares a lifetime of fiscal know-how to help individuals and business owners navigate their finances, increase their net worth, and plan better for their future.

(00:01-10:34) Opening Segment

  • Introduction of the host into the show
  • Alpesh introduces the guest of the show, Joe DiSanto
  • Joe tells what he does right now
  • Joe also shared something interesting about himself
  • The lessons Joe learned from his family situation and getting a job at an early age.

(10:35-31:19) Real Estate Investing Journey and Turn Your Home Into a Market-Beating Investment Vehicle

  • How to turn home into a market-beating investment vehicle
  • The best market-beating investment vehicle
  • “The best piece of rental real estate you can own is the one you are a tenant of”
  • Buy real estate as soon as possible
  • “Find something you can add value to”
  • Factors that may affect ROI
  • Is it still okay to own a house even the average median price of homes is high? Or rent the house/unit for a while?

(31:20-31:37) Break
(31:38-31:53) Second Segment

  • Welcoming listeners and guest back to the show

(31:54-35:37) Fire Round

  • Will Joe change the business strategy after Coronavirus?
  • Joe’s favorite real estate, finance, or other related books
  • Tool or website Joe recommends
  • Joe’s advice to beginner investors
  • How does Joe give back?
  • How can Wealth Matters Podcast listeners reach out to Joe?

(35:38-36:01) Closing Segment

Reach out to Joe by visiting https://www.playlouder.com/

If you want to learn more about flipping mobile home parks, you can watch the podcast on Wealth Matter’s YouTube channel. You can also contact Alpesh here.

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Kristin McCasey is a partner and editor atPlay Louder!She is a former award-winning film editor turned work-at-home-mom blogger. Three years after their son was born, she and her husband left their Los Angeles careers to have more time as a family. She now works with her husband, Joe, on their finance blog, teaching others how to achieve financial independence.