10 Common Dream Jobs Turn into A Nightmare

Dream-chasing comes at a cost. Many professionals who do everything necessary to earn their dream position find, instead, a disappointing mirage and their dream jobs turn into nightmare.

We have identified true stories of professionals who attest that “dream job” can be a cautionary phrase.

3-4 months off per year. A workday that ends at 3 p.m. A fair amount of downtime compared to certain other professions. Teaching sounds sweet, right?


One scriptwriter notes that they're basically throwing darts at a board, hoping that the requested “edits” won't translate to a “complete rewrite.”

Script Writer

Young doctors are sometimes shocked by the workload. When you factor in the long hours of doctor work, the massive salary doesn't seem so lucrative. Plus, a mountain of college debt can make the MD life feel mad and draining.


Non-Profit Executive

When they read “charity” in the job description, one non-profit executive didn't realize they were referring to their salary.

One chemist describes life in the lab as highly volatile, lamenting, “The amount of pettiness, sabotage and frankly fraud is rather pathetic.” Boy, it's no wonder why Walter White abandoned mainstream chemistry for alternative research.


Vets don't only deal with brutal injuries and ailments affecting cute, cuddly pets. Veterinarians don't only have to calm down distraught, rude customers. The worst part may be that every pet a vet meets will inevitably die on their watch.


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