10 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Commercial Auto Insurance

We have brought you 10 a blog on Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Commercial Auto Insurance. While the repercussions of some slip-ups can be negligible, others might have severe results.

As a businessperson, you're responsible for many things if you're starting or have been in operation for decades, having sufficient business insurance is among them.

Commercial auto insurance: what exactly is it

Auto insurance is one kind of liability insurance that protects people and businesses against the financial cost of damages caused by automobiles to third parties, even their properties. 

How does commercial auto insurance protect a business?

Whenever you or a representative of your business causes an accident, commercial car insurance will cover whatever damages to a business vehicle and any physical injuries resulting.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage 

Your protection if a driver operating a vehicle without insurance causes bodily harm to the motorist or passengers in your car is provided by uninsured motorist coverage.  

Comprehensive Coverage 

Theft of a car and the vehicle's damages from other sources, like burglary, are both covered under additional insurance. 

Collision Coverage 

Collision coverage pays to repair damage to your automobile from an accident with some other automobile. 

Medical Payments 

Compensation for medical expenses incurred from injuries sustained in accidents. 

Auto Liability 

If someone sues you for harm caused by your car, your automobile insurance will pay their legal fees. 

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