10 Unconventional Perks Companies are Offering Remote Worker

The 2021 Business Response Survey conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showed similar findingss: Approximately 1 in 3 employers increased remote work during the pandemic.

Many employees have embraced the flexibility and benefits that come with working remotely. People working outside traditional office settings report increased motivation, more flexibility, less stress, and higher job satisfaction.

Home office setup

Working remotely requires the same equipment as working in an office—a functional desk space and chair, high-speed internet, phone, computer, office supplies, etc.

Companies like Blueboard are thinking outside the box by offering fun experiences in lieu of more traditional employee benefits like monetary bonuses.

Fun experience

Online classe

Many employers already offer a traditional tuition reimbursement, but some companies are expanding to cover online courses as well.

Child care benefits are an important incentive for many working parents. Some employers offer on-site child care, but since remote workers can't access to such programs

Child care benefit

To strengthen company culture and job satisfaction, employers look for ways to keep employees engaged from a distance.

Subscription benefit

Covering coffee

Smaller perks can have a big impact for remote workers. Gathering around the office coffee pot in the morning is a tradition remote workers miss out on

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