10 US States with the Lowest Cost of Living

Traditionally, people were forced to live within a reasonable commute of their place of employment, but without that limitation, Americans are free to relocate based on other factors.

There is a big difference in living costs between the most expensive state and the cheapest state. If you want to stretch your dollar further, why not consider some of the cheapest states to live in the U.S.?

Mississippi is overall the most affordable state to live in the U.S., with a cost of living index of just 83.3, 17% cheaper than the average state.



A relatively high median household income also boosts the average family’s standard of living. Wichita is the largest city in Kansas, with a metropolitan population of around 650,000.

Sitting just to the east of Mississippi, Alabama comes in third in the overall cost of living, 12% under the national average.



With affordable housing and a diverse economic landscape, The Sooner State offers many opportunities. Nearly two-thirds of Oklahomans live and work in the Oklahoma City or Tulsa metropolitan statistical areas.

Home prices in Georgia are significantly higher than some of the other states on the list, thanks to a large majority of its residents residing in more urban areas.


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