12 Metrics Employers Are Using Today To Measure Employee Engagement

Modern companies understand that engaged employees—those who feel a positive mental and emotional connection to their work, their teams, and their organization—build better office cultures and yield higher performance.

Employers can improve employee engagement by offering rewards like raises and promotions for excellent work. Efforts to make employees feel heard and valued also help keep workers connected to each other and the company.

12 Metrics Employers 

The Gallup polling company surveys companies around the world and honors those whose employees are the most engaged with a Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award. At top organizations, about 71% of employees are engaged—far above the 15% global average engagement level and the 35% average in the U.S.

ABC Supply, a Wisconsin-based building supply company with more than 17,000 employees, is one of just two companies that have won Gallup's award every year since it was created in 2007. 

Building a strong and engaged workplace culture takes work and often starts with clear and open lines of communication between leadership and employees.

#1. I Know What Is Expected Of Me At Work. According to Gallup's survey, just half of all employees globally understand what their employers expect of them at their workplace, and how their performance helps co-workers and the organization as a whole.

#2. I Have The Materials And Equipment I Need To Do My Work Right. Employees who don't have what they need to do their work cannot be productive. It's common to associate employees' needs with tools or equipment. But workers also have less tangible needs, like access to information that makes it easier to get work done.

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