16 of the Best Financial Podcasts to Learn About Money

When you conduct a Google search for personal finance topics, you’ll find articles published across a wide variety of websites ranging from household names like Forbes and NerdWallet to blogs written by everyday people sharing personal money stories to help others learn from their own experiences.

The same is true for personal finance podcasts. Whether you’re searching on Google or in your Android or Apple podcasts app, you’ll find podcasts hosted by well-known financial gurus, others by financial advisors, and many by people just like you and me.

We used the Wealthtender Financial Podcast Directory to identify four highly rated personal finance podcasts worth adding to your download list.

Average Joe Finances 

The mission of the Average Joe Finances podcast is to help people realize their growth potential no matter their income level. They want you to become financially independent, just as they aspire to do the same.

Mitlin Money Mindset 

Hosted by financial advisor Larry Sprung based in Hauppauge, New York, Mitlin Money Mindset is a podcast about the financial, money, and recreational mindset needed to successfully plan for and live your best life before and through retirement.

Joney Talks 

The podcast covers topics such as investing in the stock markets, making income on the side, talking to people of the FIRE community, and discussing money mindsets and lifestyle changes.

The House Hacking Podcast 

The House Hacking Podcast is dedicated exclusively to house hacking. Whether you want to have the extra money in your budget to pay down debt, get ahead financially, or learn about real estate investing, there is no better place to get started than listening to this podcast.

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