17 Summer Part-Time Jobs to Consider

A part-time summer job is a temporary job during the summer, typically in June, July, and August.

Usually, students and teachers, who are off of school during those months, are the ones who work a part-time summer job to earn some extra money.

Summer part-time jobs are a great way to gain work experience and learn about the working world.

Work in Retail as a Retail Sales Associate

You may have heard about part-time retail jobs from friends or seen them advertised in the newspaper. Some part-time retail jobs are even just seasonal and only last for a few months.

Restaurant Worker

Working in a restaurant during the summer is a great way to make some extra money. Some people work in the kitchen and some work as servers.

Camp Counselor

Camp counselors are responsible for teaching children about nature, sports, and other activities. Counselors also have to be very patient and nurturing as they work with children.

Lifeguard jobs are a great way to make some extra cash and get a tan all at the same time. Trained and licensed lifeguards can find lifeguard jobs at public beaches, pools, and rec centers.


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