2007 John Adams Dollar Coin Value: Is It Worth A Look?

Even though all coins in the series are collectible, they are not old enough to reach high prices on the coin market. Therefore, the 2007 John Adams dollar coin value is modest, with a few exceptions.

For instance, one unique error reached a price of over $3,000 at an auction.

John Adams was the second American President, and the dollar with his portrait occurred on May 17, 2007, within the Presidential Dollar coin currency series.

History of the 2007 John Adams Dollar Coin

John Adams was a political philosopher and the 2nd American President who served from 1797 to 1801. That is why his image appeared on the second coin from the Presidential series minted in 2007.

Features of the 2007 John Adams Dollar

The 2007 John Adams dollar obverse Designer Joel Iskowitz created the coin obverse based on Charles L. Vickers' sculpture. These highly collectible coins show the centrally positioned second President of the US, while a note about his serving period is at the bottom rim.

The 2007 John Adams dollar reverse Like the other 39 coins from the series, this one has the reverse designer by engraver Don Everhart. This artist chose the Statue of Liberty, holding a torch in her right hand, as a universal symbol of the new nation.

The 2008 John Adams dollar is a $1 round coin made of copper alloy with lettering on the edge. Its thickness is precisely 0.08 inches (2 mm), while its diameter is 1.04 inches (26.49 mm). Each piece weighs 0.28572 ounces (8.1 g).

Other features of the 2007 John Adams dollar

2007 John Adams Dollar Value Guide The total number of 2007 John Adams dollars was 228,525,989, produced in three mints. Two large mints produced almost the same amount of these coins from regular strikes, while the one in San Francisco minted only proofs.

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