3 Events That Brought Crypto Mainstream In 2022

Crypto finds ways to get into the mainstream every year, and 2022 is no different. The following will highlight three major events linked to crypto that brought it to the masses in new and exciting ways.

Canadian Truckers’ Warning Siren

After Canada issued a vaccine mandate, truckers returning from the United States had to show vaccination proof to get into the country.

Several truckers didn’t like this. A group of protesters large enough to challenge the Canadian government opposed a variety of Trudeau’s ideas, including pandemic controls and a carbon tax.

The group called itself the “Freedom Convoy.” The protestors garnered some support, but the Canadian government retaliated by freezing bank accounts which was a big move no one saw coming.

Crypto Amid War

Crypto has been given an opportunity to shine and show how powerful it can be. Ukraine’s deputy prime minister, Mykhailo Fedorov, pleaded with the world for funds.

Transferring funds across borders involves a complex and time-consuming system. The world responded by sending crypto funds in a large display of support.

The Ukrainian government raised more than $42 million in cryptocurrency in less than six days through crowdfunding. The government has accepted everything, from Bitcoin and Ether to even NFTs.

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