3 Reasons Why You Would Consider a Refinance

New refinance programs by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are also expected to begin this summer, allowing lower-income borrowers to take advantage of current interest rates

Many are left wondering, is now a good time to refinance? According to some experts, now may not be the best time.

3 Reasons Why You Would Consider a Refinance

Expect closing cost Refinancing your home doesn’t come without its share of expenses. Just as you would expect with a purchase loan, refinancing requires borrowers to pay certain fees on the day of closing.

Do the math Having a refinance goal in mind will help you determine the kind of mortgage product that is right for you.

Reason #1: Has your credit score improved? Your credit has a huge role in your refinance journey. Lenders use it to determine your qualifying interest rate, as well as certain closing costs that may be waived for higher scores.

Reason #2: Are your expenses lower than before? Your debt-to-income ratio is an important factor in choosing your loan product since conventional lenders usually work with DTIs as high as 43%. Other products, such as FHA loans might accept a higher ratio, although lower is generally better for refinancing.

The main reason homeowners choose to refinance is to save money on their monthly payments, and sometimes, this can lead to a reduction in the life of their loan.

Reason #3: Interest rates may continue to go higher

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