3 Ways of Boosting Your Branding Through Video

Video content is hot in online marketing. Stats suggest over 86% of businesses use video marketing to boost their brand- and consumers are happy to watch it.

If you aren’t already driving your marketing efforts with the power of video, your brand is falling behind. Here’s just some of the many, many ways you can harness this impactful marketing tool for your own needs.

With attention spans now more limited than ever, brand messaging has to say a lot in a little time. If the first few seconds haven’t captured your audience, they’re clicking away.

Make Every Second Count

No matter how gorgeous your marketing, if prospects don’t stay around long enough to become customers, it’s missed the mark. 

This means not just any video will do. You need to be focusing on eye-catching, attention-grabbing, and humanized videos, not merely churning video for the sake of it.

Video lets you explain complex concepts more easily than any other content type, through both moving image and audio. You can explain fairly in-depth concepts quickly and easily, and with utmost clarity.

1. The Brand Showcase

Whether you entice a few in front of the camera directly, or use a short/reel-style video to highlight feedback you’ve received, it’s a great way to leverage them as brand advocates.

2. The Customer Showcase

People aren’t interested in a hard sell about products. They want to know how those products- and your brand- will make their life better.

3. The Value-Add Showcase

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