5 Best Tips for Saving Money at the Grocery Store

This list is an eye-opener for shopping smart and saving money at the grocery store. With so much financial stress, it's good to save when and where you can, and the first field of battle is the grocery store.

The place of bargains and impulse buys. Let's break down some advice to save some moola. As they say, forewarned is forearmed.

 Tips for Saving Money at the Grocery Store 

Never Shop Hungry A handful of shoppers from a popular online forum cautioned about perusing the grocery store when hungry. When you're starving, more food looks good and deliciously tempting.

Shop Generic Nowadays, generic brands are not just in pharmacies. Grocery store brands typically have that same bread for a fraction of the price. There may be some products where only the name brand will do; for me, it's Hellmann's Mayonnaise.

Stick to the Perimeter Loads of popular junk food are pricey and disappear quickly from your kitchen cabinets. If you want to shop healthy plus avoid temptation, one savvy shopper says to stick to the store's perimeter.

Check Unit Rate Cost Other supermarket mavens stressed the importance of checking the unit rate. For example, if you see a half-gallon beverage on sale for $4.49, but the gallon is $6.49, you save more by avoiding the sale cost and going for the whole gallon.

The one countless shoppers mentioned, but few of us can do, is stick to a list. You know your grocery store's layout, so several commenters mentioned not just making a list and sticking to it but writing the aisles that house the products.

Keep to Your List

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