5 Huge Money Wasters That People Still Indulge

Indulgence is giving way to one's desires, something granted as a privilege, or something enjoyed out of gratification. As a self-diagnosed impulse spender, I must fight my urge to indulge in the ‘little' things I often want to buy, which are huge money wasters.

As a mother, I've learned that wasting money on that second pair of sunglasses just because they're cute isn't an effective use of my finances, especially if one of my children needs something essential.

Huge Money Wasters That People Still Indulge 

Warranties Having a cashier try to upsell you a warranty is widespread among larger retailers, particularly if you're purchasing anything electronic — the more expensive the product, the pricier the warranty.

Edible Gold There are some differing opinions about whether or not edible gold is over-indulgence. One person claims it's less expensive than most restaurants want you to believe.

Get Rich Quick Scams Tempting as they might be, especially for anyone struggling, the craze over get-rich-quick schemes does nothing but take the money you already can't afford.

Big Life Events When discussing significant life events, like weddings and funerals, there's a temptation to splurge on unnecessary items. For instance, a casket costing $2500 works just as well as a $10000 casket. Unless you have to line it specifically for where you live, the need to purchase extravagantly.

The average depreciation of a brand-new car, the minute it leaves the dealership, is around 10-15%. Depending on the make and model, it can be even more, and regardless of the make and model, you're still losing money on your investment.

Brand New Vehicle

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