5 of the Best Jobs for Retirees

Retirees find jobs for financial reasons at 80% or healthy-aging causes at 72%. However, income at 53% within the financial reasons group is the number one reason.

The net result is retirees often need jobs for at least a few years to make ends meet. Their retirement accounts and investments may not provide enough income, and Social Security benefit payments may be a few years away.


There is no formal education requirement, and most training is on the job. Additionally, the job description is straightforward, process cash and credit cards from customers buying things or services.

School Bus Driver

The main advantage is the position is part-time and only when schools are in session. This fact means you are driving early morning and late afternoons. It also means your Summers are relatively free.

Bookkeepers perform accounting functions for small businesses. They create and track invoices to customers, do payroll for employees and independent contractors, maintain financial records, and pay invoices from suppliers.


Medical Transcriptionists

The job description is relatively simple. Medical transcriptionists listen to voice recordings from doctors and other healthcare workers and turn them into written reports.

Almost all dental hygienists work in dentists or other oral care offices. You will perform oral preventative care and check for oral diseases like gingivitis and cavities. The advantage is that the position has reasonable working hours.

Dental Hygienists

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