5 Reasons Why Disability Insurance Claims Might Be Denied

Disability insurance helps you secure a source of income for when you’re unable to work because of a disability. It provides you with a partial income, making it easier to pay your bills or cover the necessary treatment costs.

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Your Existing Insurance Policy Has an Exclusion

It might be possible that one or more of your policies has an exclusion targeting those with a disability. For example, the early symptoms of your condition can be described in the fine print and serve as a ground for denying your disability insurance claim.

Your Disability Insurance Claim Was Filed Too Late

Not all disability insurance claims are denied due to complicated medical or legal reasons. Sometimes it might turn out that you simply took too long to file your DI claim.

As a person living with a disability, you surely know everything about your condition and how it affects your life. Unfortunately, the insurance companies don’t have that knowledge, and they can’t just take you for your word. Because of that, they have the right to send you to a chosen medical specialist for an evaluation.

You Refused an Independent Medical Assessment

This process is called the independent medical assessment and provides an opinion to the insurers about your state. For example, companies need to understand the severity of your symptoms and whether there are any recommendations for treatment. They also need to know if your condition is truly disabling from a medical or legal standpoint.

To accept a disability insurance claim, any insurance provider needs proof in the form of medical evidence. Sometimes, however, even the medical opinion might be inconclusive.

Your Disability Status Was Contested

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