Strange Interview Questions That Will Leave You Puzzled

Interviewing for possible jobs is stressful and grueling. Some people even train for interviews to raise their likelihood of landing the job.

But all that preparation cannot circumvent that some strange interview questions are asked. After requesting an online forum for their strangest interview question encounters, these were heavily discussed.

Strange Interview Questions 

The Breakfast of Champions One interviewee at Forever 21 says their interviewer asked what cereal best describes them and to explain why. Strange, but now I can't stop wondering what my answer would be.

Asking the Obvious Another person says their interviewer asked if they dyed their hair. It wouldn't be so strange, except the potential recruit was “in front of him with bright pink hair.”

Bricklaying A person trying for a position in IT had two interviewers who were not in the IT field. After asking the potential employee what they would do if given a brick, the interviewee answered “smack [them]” with it for the ludicrous question.

Lion Tamer While in an interview, the employee was asked whether they own a lion. Though initially odd, the fact that the person is from Zimbabwe gives this question a more offensive undercurrent.

While interviewing for a position at a trucking logistics business, the interviewer posed the question of how they would answer a potential client who wanted to know if they transport llamas.

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