5 The Best Career Advice from Reddit

Unfortunately, learning the ins and outs of building a worthwhile career can take years, if not decades, to figure out.

But it doesn't have to. For example, one user on a popular career advice forum asked, “What is some career advice that people usually learn too late in life?”

Here are the best responses. 

Use All of Your Vacation Day Many companies urge employees to use only some of their vacation days and guilt trip them into working instead. But people agreed this tactic is exploitative and not worth giving in to.

Emotional Intelligence Is Key While it's essential to be skilled at the tasks required at your job, developing the soft skills to help you seamlessly interact with your coworkers and bosses is advantageous.

Your Boss Isn't Your Friend Being friendly and open with your manager or boss can feel good, but many users urge workers to keep their distance. When it comes down to it, your boss will fire you to save themself.

Failure Is Okay It's okay not to know precisely what you want to do for the rest of your life. The important thing is to try new things despite your fears of failure. “Explore and build and fail and build some more,”

Stay open to new possibilities in your career. Users argue that it's essential to keep an open mind to the opportunities available and try new things.

Keep an Open Mind

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