6 Best Advice for Grocery Store Budgeting

This list is an eye-opener for shopping smart and saving money at the grocery store. With so much financial stress, it's good to save when and where you can

and the first field of battle is the grocery store. The place of bargains and impulse buys.

Meal planning helps you stick to what you need and allows it to stretch. A few people said to plan meals for the week, one or two big meals that can be leftovers for the next day or two, and smaller meals with little to no leftovers.

Meal Planning

Bring a Set Cash Amount

Someone with a family of five said they put $200 in cash for groceries into a jar they use to shop. So, determine how much would get you through the week and bring cash only.

Stores usually put the most expensive products at eye level. Even brands stock their cheaper fare lower to tempt you to buy their pricier products, someone else added. So make sure to check out those top and bottom shelves.

Look Up and Down

There's nothing more frustrating than seeing an item on sale but realizing your particular flavor has already sold out. Many stores have weeklong deals.

Be Aware of the Sales

Though I've heard of this one, I've never remembered to use it. If you find an advertisement for something you want at your grocery store's competitor, and it's cheaper, you can ask your supermarket to match the price.

Price Matching

The one countless shoppers mentioned, but few of us can do, is stick to a list. You know your grocery store's layout, so several commenters mentioned not just making a list and sticking to it but writing the aisles that house the products.

Keep to Your List

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