6 Best Things to Splurge On: Here’s What Women Confessed

Whether you live frugally by choice or necessity, there are always things you will want to splurge on. On an online forum, a group of women shares all the purchases they wish they could indulge in. Their choices are very relatable.

Here's the list of the little things to splurge on, as confessed by women.

Years ago, I went to concerts and the theatre quite often. But these days, tickets to concerts or Broadway shows are quite expensive. Therefore, seeing your favorite singer, band, play, or musical would go into the rare splurge category.

Concert and Theatre Tickets

Nice Clothes

Shopping and buying new and nice clothes shouldn't feel unattainable, but it often is that way for women. One contributor points out, “The majority of my money goes to bills, and it's very rare I get new clothes.

Professional hair removal is time-consuming and expensive. Depending on the type of laser hair removal one chooses, it can be a costly thing we'd rarely consider but wish we could. But constantly buying razors or blade replacements for shaving is also costly.

Laser Hair Removal

A piano is something I have wanted to splurge on my entire life. I am not alone in this wish. Even if you cannot play the instrument yourself, they are beautiful and can be focal points in your home.

A Piano

We often feel embarrassed when our homes are not clean or picked up. But keeping a clean and tidy house can prove difficult physically and time-wise. That is why so many women wish to hire someone to clean their homes semi-regularly.

A Housekeeper

As someone trying to exercise more and get into better shape, I wish I could splurge on a personal trainer. They can help ensure you exercise for your goals and avoid injuries. Moreover, trainers are great to have in your corner.

Personal Trainer

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