6 Exciting Traveling Jobs (And What They Pay) 

Here, we spotlight seven top-notch positions for those bitten by the travel bug. Jobs that offer more than just a handsome paycheck, but an opportunity to embrace novel adventures and cultures, and talk about travel every single day.

Are you thrilled by the prospect of exploring new places while getting paid to do it? 

As a tour guide, you'll introduce travelers to the wonders of different locations. You also get to be on the move, regularly exploring new places while learning their intricate history and significance.

Tour Guide

Storytelling reshapes ordinary journeys into extraordinary adventures. With travel blogging, you can document all those brilliant sunsets, thrilling hikes, or culinary surprises for others to enjoy.

Travel Blogger

The chance to visit far and away lands, while living and working in the distinct universe of a cruise ship can be surprisingly remunerative. Cruise ship job positions range from entertainment directors, chefs, and bartenders to engineers

Cruise Ship Worker

Commercial Airline Pilot

Becoming a commercial airline pilot may seem daunting, considering the extensive training required. However, it rewards you with glamorous trips around the globe and handsome paychecks.

Being a travel nurse is a unique way to practice nursing and see the world simultaneously… The healthcare field is vast and in demand globally, giving you the chance to work almost anywhere in the world.

Travel Nurse 

You'll learn the ins and outs of all things Disney as you strive to ensure clients have an unforgettable experience. What’s more, you also get to enjoy flexible schedules and can work from virtually anywhere once you become a certified agent.

Disney Travel Agent 

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