6 Funny Scams That People Have Admitted to Falling for

Of course, you're likely conversant with the classic “Nigerian Prince” email or the famous IRS phone calls threatening that you pay your tax right on the call or get shipped to prison.

And while some scams are not hard to spot, others are so unbelievable you might think they are unreal.

Popups make for a seamless interactive website experience, but not for one user who almost got fleeced of his money by a fraudster pretending to offer help.

1. Virus Alert Popup on Adult Site

Ever had a “friend” who never once asked you for money suddenly pop into your inbox with a request? It may help to confirm their identity before parting with your cash.

2. Imposter Behind Social Media Account

We used to think that scams were all shady and dark. Our assessment may be wrong as one user points Amyway's way, citing it as a pyramid scheme disguised as real business promising unlimited wealth.

3. Pyramid Scheme MLM Fraud

4. Rental Scam on Craigslist According to many on the thread, Craigslist is home to millions of ads, but scammers now ply their trade through rental listings. One man's experience followed him getting a good rental deal on a property listing.

One user was saved by a security firewall of her credit card company after purchasing a 3D printer, laser engraver, and CNC for a Black Friday price on Facebook.

5. Black Friday Scam

6. Pay on Delivery Scam Have you shipped an item out and never got paid? One user has, and this is how she explains it: “Tried to sell my engagement ring on Facebook marketplace. Instead, I mailed it to another state.

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