6 Great Part Time Jobs for Teens in 2023

Parents have to take care of their teens' needs, but they don't have to give them everything they want.

Teens can begin to have more purchasing power when they start to earn. Teenagers have numerous opportunities to make some extra cash and gain valuable skills.

Graphic Design The areas of expertise of graphic designers include logos, blog graphics, social media posts, business signs, and more. You can start finding clients by building a social media presence and contacting local businesses.

Restaurant Work Restaurant can be easy part time jobs for teens to come by; they also make for an ideal part-time job. Visit restaurants around where you stay and make inquiries about vacancies.

Offer Babysitting Service Parents could give you a try if you've told them about your interest in babysitting. Don't be afraid to bargain if you're willing to take up other responsibilities during your babysitting hours.

Why not sign up for a nearby lifeguard training and certification program if you are a confident swimmer? Afterward, you can make money at the pool all summer.

Get Certified as a Lifeguard

If you are a “movie buff, ” you should consider selling some of your old DVDs. If you know your movies, you can sell them to people much more effectively.

Sell Movies

If you have a good typing speed, typing accuracy, a laptop, and a set of decent headphones, then you can be a transcriber and earn an hourly wage.


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