6 Of The Dumbest Purchases People Regretted Immediately

What are the dumbest purchases you have ever made? Well, I have made my share of idiotic investments. For example, I accepted a “free tablet” from my cell phone carrier that cost me a contracted line of service for 24 months (two years).

The tablet was an off-brand 8GB that costs less than $100. The line of service costs me $10 a month. So $240 for a cheap piece of trash that stopped working after a few months.

A small statue of the Sphinx caught her eye, and she asked the shopowner how much. He replied 250 Egyptian pounds. So she refused because it was too much.

Egyptian Sphinx 

Welp, this one may take the cake. Have you ever been so wasted at a house party that you ordered a life-size cardboard cut-out of Stone Cold Steve Austin? The worst part? They don't remember buying it.

Cardboard Cutout

This user explains that as a “21-year-old on a pittance of a wage,” he wanted to impress a girl. He believed that dropping the $421.30 he took out in a loan on a necklace and earrings for a girl would cause her to fall in love with him. “It didn't work.”

Bling Bling (For Somes Else No Less)

Here is an answer many of us can relate to, takeaways, or in America, take-out food. However, that's not the stupidest part of the purchase. It's the buying it immediately after grocery shopping that makes this dumb. Guilty.


He admits he “wanted to add some quirky originality to my appearance.” So he decided on a watch that he spotted online. He described it as having a beautiful dark blue dial with tasteful gold numbers.


People spent hundreds to thousands of dollars on these little bean bags with faces that are worthless now. I can't help but think of these toys every time my husband decides he wants another “collectible” Funko Pop!

Beanie Babies

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