6 Professions that Attract the Most Arrogant People

Some professions seem to be a magnet for the most arrogant, snobbish people. Not everyone is indeed awful in a particular career. However, sometimes, the number of appalling people and experiences overshadow the decent ones.

Finding a good one is a needle in a haystack. People in an online forum nominated these professions that attract the most arrogant people.

One person describes them as believing “their farts can illuminate minds.” Another poster talks about how professors are apt to boast to students about their accomplishments.


I did not realize since I rarely fly but many mention pilots as full of arrogance and entitlement. A person highlights this, pointing out how pilots take their families to the pre-check line because the rules don't apply, and they have no problem requesting a supervisor if they don't get their way.


If you've ever argued with someone in the tech industry, they think they know everything, even if another tech person says the opposite. Now let's talk about tech's relative.



When a ton of people mention a particular occupation, beware. As someone bluntly puts it, engineers think they are “the smartest” when they are just “average.” They even “look down” on others in the tech industry. Yikes.

Considered the “mean girl's profession,” plenty of nurses talk down to patients, delivering little but “snark.” Another person vows to avoid doctors because they don't want to deal with the rude nurse.


Politicians are at a different level of arrogance, especially since they love to be loud and wrong. The label applies to both political parties. As someone who abhors politicians breaks down, politicians make a “career out of lying and pandering” to get money and “stay in office.”


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