6 Social Issues in the World that People aren’t Taking Seriously

Some issues, though, warrant more inches on the front page and more time on the airwaves.

These social issues are highly consequential but under-discussed. Let's give some significant social issues in the world their due shine.

Societal critics have noted a lack of critical thinking as their leading concern for the future of America and humanity as a whole.

Lack of Critical Thinking

Our leaders have been doing the same thing for decades—forget entrepreneurialism. Debt has become the American way.

Financial Illiteracy

Endless entertainment at our fingertips. Alcohol. Pot. Social Media. Crossfit. OK, Crossfit is fine, but constant access to short-term, hollow dopamine generators is distracting us from our humanity.

The Artificial Dopamine Industry

Chronic Lack of Sleep If it's not your social media addiction, it's your sleep apnea or work obligations. For one reason or another, many Americans walk around on far too little sleep.

Every week, you separate plastic from general garbage, bring out separate cans, and go to sleep at night believing you're helping save the sea turtles…and perhaps even the planet.

Recycling Is a Lie

Loneliness What was already an epidemic of loneliness has only been exacerbated by pandemic lockdowns, widespread anxiety, and endless sources of solo entertainment. 

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