6 Strange Interview Questions That Will Confound You

Some people even train for interviews to raise their likelihood of landing the job. But all that preparation cannot circumvent that some strange interview questions are asked.

After requesting an online forum for their strangest interview question encounters, these were heavily discussed.

During an interview, the questioner received a phone call, then asked the possible new employee to get them a coffee with cream and sugar from the coffee machine.

Working Before Hiring

Having an interviewer asks you to tell them what they forgot to ask you sounds surreal, but I assure you it's real. One person received this question. I'm not sure how one would even respond to this.

What Did I Forget

In one meeting for a job, the boss took the “fly on the wall” literally. Asking someone to pretend they are a fly and break down their day sounds odd and creepy.

A Fly on the Wall

In a strange way of phrasing the best and worst qualities question, an employer told a prospective new workforce member to pretend they are a car with two bumper sticks.

Bumper Cars

While applying for a job, one individual had to disclose their favorite fruit. Someone else laughingly replied they should have answered durian.

Know Thy Fruit

Sometimes what makes a question strange is how out of place they are for the position. A potential lifeguard had to answer which dinosaur they would be and why.


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