6 Unbelievably Stupid Things to Spend Money On

It's wise to be frugal regarding money, and that notion applies more than ever in today's trying economic times. But some insist on spending their hard-earned cash liberally on silly products, services, and investments.

One curious web surfer asked, “What is the dumbest thing you've seen someone spend their money on?” These were some of the best answers provided.

Storage units are great for temporarily keeping items safe in certain situations, such as during a house move. However, one user said they've seen people permanently storing things they don't need, which is a massive waste of money.

Indefinite Storage Units

A user posted that a friend pays someone to come to their house and remove the dog waste from their yard. They allow their pet dog to do their business in their yard and spend money having someone else remove it.

Dog Waste Removal

On another note, someone explained knowing someone who spent $15,000 on getting a private pilot license only not to complete the training.

An Unfinished Pilot License

One user described Funkos as “the newest way to throw your money away” and referenced their 20-something nephew who spends all his money on them.


Televangelism is one of the worst scams on the planet. It's fronted by either official or self-proclaimed ministers who devote much of their ministry to television broadcasting.


A bar employee answered that, while they're at work, they regularly see people playing on gambling machines for 12 hours a day without winning, but when they win $700 a day later, they'll think they're on top, which isn't the case.

Gambling Machines

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