6 Unique Ways to Make Extra Money With a Tutoring Side Hustle

Most people think of tutoring as helping kids with schoolwork. Think again! While tutoring students in traditional school subjects is always a viable option

Unique Ways to Make Extra Money

1. English (or any other language) as a second language There are millions of people coming to the country who need help leaning English. As a native English speaker you can help, even if you're not a formally trained language teacher.

2. Computer application There are endless computer applications out there and so many people who need help learning how to use them. Sure, most computer have tutorials, but no small number of people need more hands on help, and might be willing to pay you to provide it.

3. Real estate Investing in real estate is well-known as one of the most effective ways to increase your wealth. It also can have the added benefit of generating passive income.

4. Business writing Students always need help writing their papers for school. But think outside the box. Adults need help with writing business letters, sales material and client proposals.

5. Cooking Yes, there are plenty of cooking shows and a range of cookbooks that could stretch around the world, but none of that squares with the fact that more people are eating more meals in restaurants than ever before!

Do you hem your own pants, knit blankets for your friend's babies, and DIY your own Halloween costumes? If so, you possess a coveted skill that many people would love to learn.

6. Sewing

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