6 Ways to Digitize Recruiting and Hiring Processes

Let’s look at some of the specific ways in which recruitment and hiring processes can be digitized, and as a result be made more efficient and more effective.

Analyzing Social Media Profiles

First impressions and resume assessments have “gone digital,” with some businesses even going so far as to use analytical tools to search for and sort candidates by attributes visible on social.

Company Review

For a little while now, job listing sites have allowed people who leave their companies to post reviews of their experiences –– both as simple ratings and as small written blurbs.

Online Tests & Surveys

In particular, pre-employment questionnaires are being used by companies in order to “identify candidates who most closely fit what they’re looking for” in an employee.

Once the ideal pool of candidates have been compiled, companies can begin to work through the processes of outreach, interviews, and –– when things work out –– hiring and onboarding.

People Analytics

Applicant Tracking

These systems collect and sort applicant information (by names, resumes, or even specific attributes or qualifications), and log them according to company preferences.

Much has been made specifically of the emerging potential of VR in employee training. The tech can safely and efficiently help with the teaching new skills, and can facilitate practice with everyday interactions in any given role.

VR Onboarding

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