6 Worst Ways to Make Extra Money in 2023: Don’t Try Them

There are endless ways to make extra money with just a click of a button! However, amidst such moneymaking schemes, some can leave you worse off than when you started.

Here are some ways members of an online community think are the worst ways to make extra money in today's age.

With extremely high-interest rates, those in need may borrow but eventually be unable to pay it off, causing the scheme to fall flat on its face.

Payday Loans: Getting You Closer to Mayday

Renting Your Vehicle: Not Fast, Just Furious

It may seem like a brilliant and easy idea to rent out your car, but it can end up costing you much more. Constant wear and tear can lead to costly repairs.

This is a surefire way to lose money. Instead of being paid, you lose more money making those in-game purchases and getting upgrades and subscriptions.

Pay-to-Play Gaming: Sucker Punch

One user shares that exchanging your blood, sperm, and eggs for cash can have negative health consequences, an emotional toll, and put you at risk for exploitation.

Selling Body Fluids: Blood, Sweat, and Tear

It's the latest big thing circulating on the internet! While it may seem tempting to invest in crypto, it actually involves massive risk with no guarantee, according to a member.

Crypto: Volatile and Risky

Many say that spending endless hours creating content for someone's product only to see minimal results is not worth it. Instead, one may look into selling a product of their own!

Affiliate Marketing: Putting Work in for Peanut

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