6 Worst Ways to Make Extra Money in 2023

There are endless ways to make extra money with just a click of a button! However, amidst such moneymaking schemes, some can leave you worse off than when you started.

Here are some ways members of an online community think are the worst ways to make extra money in today's age.

One user articulates that multi-level marketing schemes promise you the world but leave empty pockets and a garage full of unsold products.

MLMs: Losing Riches and Friends

There are a multitude of unscrupulous companies out there that may not be fully transparent about their testing. Potentially subjecting yourself to all types of dangerous side effects in exchange for some cash is not the way to go, says one member.

Medical Trials: Becoming the Lab Rat

You may think simply answering some questions is worth the money you're getting. However, many online survey websites will sell your valuable information to third parties without your knowledge.

Paid Surveys: Threat to Privacy

Clickbait Content Creation: Influencer to Infuriating Such content may get clicks and generate revenue, but it damages the creator's credibility in the long run. No one appreciates feeling duped and unsatisfied!

Unless you have thousands of trusted followers on your social media account, affiliate marketing can be quite underwhelming.

Affiliate Marketing: Putting Work in for Peanuts

Selling Body Fluids: Blood, Sweat, and Tears One user shares that exchanging your blood, sperm, and eggs for cash can have negative health consequences, an emotional toll, and put you at risk for exploitation. It's common to face low blood pressure, dehydration, and fainting.

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