7 Modern Ways to Invest in  "The Market"

You work hard for your money, but do you know how to make your money work for you? No one wants to work until they die, right? If you feel like you've never had time to really delve into the tangled web of market investing philosophies, this is the article for you.

To answer to ALL of these questions, you first have to decide on an investing method or philosophy to reach your end goal. Once you decide on a particular method, you'll then place your money into the best investment vehicles to take the long ride to the promised land (aka retirement, or possibly early retirement)!

If you have read all the other articles on my blog (or even just this one on big picture investing) you will have deciphered that I see two common investing avenues for your savings: public markets investing and personally owned real estate. Here is a quick refresher…

A Couple of Ways You Can  Invest Your Savings

Personally owned real estate refers to owning actual properties yourself. This includes residential rentals, commercial rentals, and even positions in syndication deals.

A Couple of Ways You Can Invest Your Saving

7 Common Methods (or Philosophies) to Consider When Investing in “The Market”

The Motley Fool Method – 20 to 30 Individual Stock

Risk Score: High The Motley Fool is essentially a stock advisory service. They started out as a newsletter (like one you would get in the mail!), that would give you stock recommendations. Now they have grown into a full service money management firm.

Risk Score: High to High/Medium For those of you not familiar with FI/RE, it stands for “Financial Independence / Retire Early.” It’s a totally cool new(ish) movement of people who want to retire early for some strange reason. Weird.

The FI/RE method – 100% Stocks Via  an Index ETF

The Boglehead Method –  A Mix of Stocks and Bond

Risk Score: Can range from High/Medium to Medium/Low Some of you may have heard the term “Bogleheads.” These are people that subscribe to the basic investing philosophy of John Bogle, founder of the well known financial firm, Vanguard.

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