7 of the Best Countries with Expat Health Insurance

It is easier to consider countries that offer health insurance to their residents instead of looking into international health insurance. Many countries offer different health insurance schemes. Those can be either universal or single-payer, with options to choose a national health insurance plan or add on private insurance.

These countries have what people want. They are an excellent place to live, have quality healthcare, and have affordability. Expats and retirees want to make sure they are taken care of outside their home country.


Their healthcare scheme is called “Protection Universelle Maladie” Or Puma Law. This law puts forth that any resident that has lived in the country for three months can use the healthcare system.

In the U.S., people wait in lines, but in Mexico, you can meet pretty quickly with a doctor, and it will be in English. So you do not have to worry as much. Interestingly enough, many people already flock from the U.S. to Mexico for dental care. 



Spain boasts about how close hospitals and clinics are to people, and you are never more than 15 minutes away from healthcare. There are about four doctors for every 1000 people in Spain, which allows you to have more time with the doctor. The doctors are not in a rush to get to the next patient.

Malaysia sits in the middle of Southeast Asia, boasting great culture, beautiful scenery, and more. Besides all of that, it has created a medical tourism juggernaut. People flock to Malaysia for the affordability of healthcare and then take a nice vacation afterward while saving money. 



Their healthcare system is one of the best in the world. They have top-notch facilities and doctors who speak English and help assess the patients’ problems through questions and time.

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