7 Online Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

In the day of the door-to-door salesman, the direct-to-consumer market was huge, with e-commerce sales skyrocketing, especially since COVID-19, marketing has become a boon to small businesses.

The trend isn’t going to slow anytime soon as people have gotten used to shopping online. And while society may be returning to more ‘normal’ spending habits, online sales are still on the uptick. 

7 Online Marketing Tips

Email Marketing Email – we use it every day, and it’s an easy, automatable, and proven way to get messages out to your potential customers.

Madison Tong, CEO of My Supplement Store, says that email marketing is her top strategy for finding new customers. Excellent customer service keeps them coming back. “Overall, you want to focus on the customers and what they see and want/need.” 

Facebook Ad Implementing a Facebook Ads campaign may require hiring a social media manager specializing in running ads on Facebook.

Social Media Influencer Getting well-known influencers to endorse your product takes time, but it can be worth the investment if you can make a deal.

Customer Referral/Loyalty Reward This tactic is undoubtedly well-used and can not only get new customers but may also bring you returning customers eager to get a healthy discount on a new product.

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