Free Uncopyrighted Music for Your Videos: Where To Get Them

Anyone who’s ever made a video knows that finding good free music for videos is one of the hardest parts of the job. 

Here’s all the info you need to make your music search, and ultimately your video or marketing effort, a success.

You’ll see a dropdown menu called “Attribution” where you can sort by tracks that are “Attribution Required” (CC-BY) or “No Attribution Required”. 

YouTube Audio Library

You can also just Do a Search Within YouTube. Go to the YouTube “search” tool and type in “Creative Commons Music.” You can even get more specific and type, for example, “Creative Commons Music Background Chill.”

Hook Sounds

Alvaro Angeloro and Veronica Viera started HookSounds with the aim of creating a credible site that offers quality, curated royalty-free music.

You can use the tracks for personal use for Free, under their use and mention license. This means you are able to use it as long as you are not “monetizing” the use of it.

Be careful and make sure you know which ones you’re looking at. Luckily, they offer you the option to buy the track for around $9 if you want to use it for monetized videos.

Free Stock Music

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