7 Tips to Managing Remote Teams Effectively

Employees bid farewell to the daily commute and employers reduce their overheads. But, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. 

As a monumental shift in traditional working dynamics, managing remote teams can become a serious challenge–especially when you’ve never had to do it before.

Prioritize Communication

Whether it’s via voice or text, frequently communicating with the team will solve a whole host of problems.

Leverage Communication Tools

Struggling to decide which tools to use? Why not get the consensus of your team instead of making an executive decision? 

Set Your Expectations and Be Clear About Them

It’s about knowing the rules of engagement: what’s expected of them and when. Only with that information in hand will the operation run as you intend it.

You could even let people know your schedule and the best way to get in contact throughout the day.

Ensure that You’re Contactable

Be Flexible with Working Hours

Has your team recently transitioned to a remote working set up? Be willing to embrace this newfound flexibility and trust that team members are doing the work that’s required of them.

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