Tips on Managing Remote Teams for Small Businesses

As a monumental shift in traditional working dynamics, managing remote teams can become a serious challenge–especially when you’ve never had to do it before.

Have you recently transitioned to a remote working setup? Looking for advice on managing remote teams just as effectively as in-person? Read on for 7 key tips that should help you do it.

Prioritize Communication

You relieve that sense of disconnection, encourage collaboration, offer your input, stay up to speed on progress, let people know you care, and identify work-related issues before they can develop.

Leverage Communication Tools

The good news is that modern technology makes effective communication far easier. You’ve now got an abundance of communicatory tools at your disposal. Everything from video conferencing and business communication software to text messages and emails can be put to use.

Set Your Expectations and Be Clear About Them

Everybody in the team has to be on the same page for remote work to run smoothly. It’s about knowing the rules of engagement: what’s expected of them and when. Only with that information in hand will the operation run as you intend it.

It’s no good stressing the importance of communication if nobody can ever get ahold of you!

Ensure that You’re Contactable

Switching from a traditional working environment can take some getting used to–especially when you’re the manager. Indeed, as we’ve seen, managing remote teams comes with a set of brand new challenges for any team leader to wrap their head around.

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