A Guide to Acquiring a Business Credit Card

If you’re a business owner of any type, then you should have a business credit card. It’s a great tool to help with day-to-day operations, manage cash flow, and even expand your business at some point in the future.

If you are wondering how to get business credit, it’s pretty simple. Just apply online. It’s actually one of the easiest forms of business credit to qualify for. That said, you will need to have a business entity established and a federal tax ID number as well.

But beware, not all business credit cards are created equal, and most “Best Business Credit Card” lists don’t take personal credit reporting into account. For shame! 

The best business credit cards include this awesome feature: they do not report your card information to your personal credit report. That means you can carry a huge balance (not that you should, but you could) and it won’t affect your personal credit score. Nice.

Why Should You Care So Much About Your Personal Credit Score?

Basically, your credit score is the gateway to, well, everything….

Want to buy your home with a loan? Hope to lock in the best interest rates…or rent an apartment..or buy a car with a loan..or get the best credit card deals…or even the lowest cell phone rates? Credit Score!

That’s why a business credit card is such a great friend. It will save your precious score when you’re racking up thousands of dollars as you expand your business.

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